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    “RevMen” wrote: My expectation is that the Minister of Information will deputize you as the FF person… but they are not required to do so.

    Actually they are. YOU ARE FOREWARNED!

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    Well, KG’s got solid ideas, and a solid record. He therefore is a solid candidate.

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    Any objections to KG as our pick for Minister of Information?


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    Will you permit me to ask what changes will be made to the community and/or rules?
    I understand that the idea behind this party is to establish a more “ergonomic” community based on the people and their thoughts, and to apply constant change and adaption, but you mentioned (or referenced to) an overhaul, perhaps minor, in the Rules and their structure.
    May I ask for a few examples in what changes you propose?

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    I will gladly share some of my own ideas when I have a bit more free time (exams and then travel over the next few days), but it is important to remember that the current positions of interest in these elections are the Minister of Resources and the Minister of Information, positions that have little to do with conduct in the forums.


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    Matt, be a better example.


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    Indeed. The views and or opinions expressed in this thread do not necessarily represent the views of the party of the white tree of numenor, its members or its affiliates. 😛

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    Matthew Buick

    That is merely ‘Guerilla Advertising’, my mere friend. 😛

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    RP Hoogle

    Matthew your giving our Party a soiled name.

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    My apologies, Comet. Matthew Buick, stop insulting other parties like this. As I have said before, we will never sink to the level of our wretched opponents by badmouthing them. It is not dignified, and I will not allow it.


Viewing 10 posts - 51 through 60 (of 128 total)

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