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    Here here!

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    “Smeagol Studios” wrote: My apologies, Comet. Matthew Buick, stop insulting other parties like this. As I have said before, we will never sink to the level of our wretched opponents by badmouthing them. It is not dignified, and I will not allow it.

    There were a lot of subliminal insults in that comment.


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    Good to see someone appreciated it!


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    Matthew Buick

    My apologies to everyone, I didn’t think my ad campaign would hurt so many people, please forgive me. 😥

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    Shadow the Rebel

    Wow, I thought Brickfilms was in deep trouble until I found this party!

    I wholeheartily support this party.

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    RP Hoogle

    Silly person, this is the heart of corruption.

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    Would you members of the party of Numenor please refrain from hijacking our thread? We don’t bother you. This is a poor statement of the character of you and your membership.

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    After a very disturbing chat with Pierre Films, I have come to realize that all of this once legitimate political discussion and enthusiasm has been for naught. Pierre has deceived all of us, going behind the people’s backs and consorting with the true rulers of this site to ensure that, no matter the outcome of the election, his own agenda is put into action. And what is this agenda? He will not let us, the people, know. He and his companions talk of plans being formulated in shady chatrooms and PM sessions, but they have yet to toss these ideas out for mass consideration. I can only imagine that those in his party are privy to these “ideas,” and so only those who submit to his regime are allowed to contribute to “the modernizing of brickfilms,” as he tries to call it.

    I am afraid of what terrible fate he could possibly have in store for us, but more than that, I am deeply offended that he has abused the system like this. His remarks in chat suggest to me that he knew from before this election business started how the Resources section would be changed, and that his plans would be carried through regardless of the outcome of the elections. I for one will weep for the failure of democracy at brickfilms.

    So really, what’s the point? Let’s close up the bridge. Time’s up. Lights out.


    P.S. I’m leaving the site forever.

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    Pierre Films

    Pierre Films

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    *Not an accurate illustration; Bill Gates was not actually there with Jesus

    Cometgreen, not trying to hide the truth of his images, like some here

Viewing 10 posts - 61 through 70 (of 132 total)

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