The Common Sense Movement

A rash of vagueness and cagey distancing has swept the corridors of power of No longer active members of the community, those responsible for the well being of the forum see fit to ignore PM's and feedback threads and take actions and decisions on an entirely private level, without consultation or even informing us of something so fundamentally important to the community as the fate of the podcast. The current administration are good people, just rather out of touch. The Common Sense Movement seeks to reverse this trend and bring about a more open and informative running of the site, as seen under Revmen. More specifically, our goals are:

  • To discover the precise nature of the fate of the podcast and see if there remains any hope of reinstating it. Many people will have noticed the feedback thread created in December asking if there was anything wrong with the podcast and its website, as they had been noticed to be down. Schlaeps and Z seemed completely ignorant of the issue, but it has since become apparent that Revmen did not sell the podcast with the rest of the company to the new owners. Hence, one can only assume that it has been erased from the server. The fact that neither Schlaeps nor anyone else knew about this suggests a complete lack of communication between the new owners and the community. Having been informed, Schlaeps is now working on it, and it is hoped that enough users have copies of the podcast on their computers to enable us to reinstate it on the brickfilms website, or if this proves problematic upon an independent website.

    To attempt to establish even the remotest idea of who runs owns the place now. Despite repeated enquiries as to whom thickasabrick is, the masses remain completely unaware as to the nature of his arrangement other than vague details about a "network" and that he is somehow heavily involved in finances. Thickasabrick believes this to be of little importance (“My identity and the name of the network (which doesn't even have a name) is really not important.”), but it is evident that public opinion suggests otherwise.

    To ascertain what the patron fund is being spent on. Given that the owners of are competing with the likes of oxfam and save the children for our charitable monthly donations, it is surely very resonable for us to know were this money goes. Thickasabrick recently "authorised $200 in prize spending" from the patrons fund, suggesting that he controls where the money is being spent, but also contradicting the commonly held idea that all of the money from patronage contributes to a desperate bid to keep the site from bankruptcy (thickasabrick recently stated that the site was "in the black" as a result of the new adverts). The Common Sense Movement would strive to find out what percentage of the money kindly donated by community members is spent on which causes (thus eliminating the problem of disclosing exact figures). This surely can only encourage more people to become patrons (I, for one, would be more than willing if I knew were my money was going). So far thickasabrick only comments have been “Don't expect a treasurers report. This is a private company & it aint gonna happen!”

    Finally, The Common Sense Association completely rejects any suggestion that building materials from East Anglia, a guaranteed prize of $500,000 or free and legal blue movie downloads are in anyway beneficial (financially or otherwise) to the community or owners of the website. The CSM aims to encourage the use of Google Adsense's superb tools to aim more appropriate adds in the direction of brickfilms and ultimately make more money.

If you agree with the aims and sentiments raised above, I would urge you to join the CSM in their bid to better the smooth operation of the community and website, whomever it is that runs it.