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    Excellent. You could have posted ten times and I would still be ecstatic. :D

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    The issue remains that the podcast site is still down. iTunes will not accept a podcast whose episodes are currently unavailable…

    Yes, bad enough to post it twice.


    I think the idea is to simply create a new podcast using the existing episodes (hence submitting the new podcast letter from iTunes).

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    Ah… duh :lol:
    Then nevermind me, I should have thought of that. I thought the letter was to have the original podcast reinstated, which seemed difficult to me.

    Carry on!


    The common sense movement is now disbanded.

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    I think I speak for everyone in saying that when I say I think I speak for everyone I’m really just speaking for myself.

    However, I think I speak for everyone….oh hang on, I already said that.

    But if you check the official Lego website and go to their Annual Report and Accounts, you will find there is a Vice President with the name Dagmar Thickasabrick. Apparently, Thickasabrick is quite a common name in Copenhagen.

    Mystery solved. Panic over. Go back to your constituencies and prepare for Government.


    That really don’t effect how much more awesome the new site will be than this one, but yeah.

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    Wait, so someone who runs Lego bought the site? That explains alot if it is true.

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    I think its just a coincidence, Rsteenoven.

Viewing 10 posts - 21 through 30 (of 37 total)

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