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    OK, here would be my last question. I’m guessing yes, but do we add the sound effects in our clips ourselfs then PM it to you, or do you want us to send the SFX with the PM and you do all the work?

    EDIT: I’m already done with my clip, this is all I have to know and I’ll be good to go.


    Yeah, I’d actually prefer it if you added your own (copyright free) sound effects. Just no music.

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    skull brick

    Damn, I want to join this, but im planning on upgrading to better quality. (dont know what camera to get that has easy adjustable focus.
    And my dad sold our new computer and we just ordered the new mac, so it’ll be a couple of weeks.

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    Well, LOTL, i didn’t do sound effets, the only experience i’ve had woth sound is lego studios…..
    I watched the original TDBC, and i saw how it did everones reaction, then what they did, and then what they did again.
    I also did that sort of format.
    I have done six (6) seperate clips, the longets 6 seconds long, total of 28 seconds. I’m uploading them now.

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    I have a clip ready and waiting. It’s about 22 seconds, and I’m quite proud of it, but we’re on dial up so it’ll take forever to go. We’re going back home (we’re at our cottage right now) tomorrow, so I can send it then.

    I also haven’t done sound effects yet, although I will once we get home.

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    I’ve made my clips…

    But I have no idea how to use HBM. Whenever I upload my files, I can’t access them on the internet.

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    What i do to access mine is that i make the names easy without any numbers in the name of it, just letters. Then you should eb able to access them eg: etc.

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    I better get an idea…

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    I still need to add sound. And anyone who wanted to be in my clip, you took too long, I’m filming that part now.


    The first one was great as it is. Why not move on to something better? :mischief

Viewing 10 posts - 131 through 140 (of 231 total)

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