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    Okay, This is not actually an CP.
    Not an Community Project?! You say, Why is it in the Community Project Forum then!
    Well, I will get that clea to you if you continue reading.
    I’m making a movie called The Day Crashed The Real Story. That is a movie about 2 guys that are on a quest to find the reasonwhy it screwed up. They will be on a quest for a hacker, but i don’t gonna tell the whole story. Now, why it is in this forum: To the opening i need like 4-7 peoples to make a reeeeally short segment of how you reacted. I was thinking about a maximum length of 15sec… The only thig you actually have to do is like making your sigfig say “No, Brickfilms has crashed!”. I need them pretty fast, i mean really fast. And i need them in Windows Media Video(WMV) or QuickTime(.Mov)
    Then, eMail them to
    It dosent matter how big the file is.

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    And if i break any rules by making this movie, please tell it!

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    Night Owl

    You’re not breaking any rules, but I’d strongly discourage making this, as it sort of associates itself with The Day Crashed, which was made by a specific group of people.

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    What Night Owl said, and this should probably be in the “Music, Sound Effects, and Voice Acting” forum. Other than that, good luck!

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    Yes, It’s made to be like the movie that WeTheBrickFilmers did, but i have to change my idea cuz it was suppsed to enter in a contest. Know i belive it’s stupid to enter a contest where i only have made 80percent of the movie.

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    While brickfilm titles cannot be owned by anyone, I, as the coordinator for The Day Crashed, strongly request that you do not use that title. As Nikolas said, The Day Crashed is strongly associated with that movie, it’s plot, it’s creators, and it’s key scenes (namely bug-eyed Nikolas and Derrick screaming “ DIED?!??!”). I would strongly encourage you to come up with a project more original.

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    BertL wins the thread.

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    Mayby, but this is a movie about two guys that are on a hunt for an hacker and they get kidnapped and this hacker got the plan to take over the world, but i don’t know what name i should use?Any idea?

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    how about you get your own version of Bob from bluntmation and make him the hacker. At first, don’t try to make the voice like the normal bob, but after the heroes found out who he is, start using his normal voice. i’d love to see that! :D

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