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    The Duke

    You may be thinking, “why would I vote for The Duke for this position? He’s not a moderator or anything. How do I know he’ll do a good job?”

    Anyone who has dealt with me, especially those requesting me to write film scores, knows that I hold very high standards for language and conduct. I have always tried to maintain a good reputation on this forum, and apart from a few instances under my previous username, I believe that I have achieved this to a certain degree. As your Minister of Discussion, I would do my best to, with the help of our very able moderators, make this forum a better place for everyone, and I would try to maintain the kid-friendly atmosphere that has characterized this community for so long. Offensive conduct of any kind would not be tolerated, and posts containing offensive material would be cleaned up or deleted, and the authors of such posts would be warned via Private Message against future behavior of that sort.

    What do I believe constitutes “offensive behavoir?”

    Well, of course this would depend upon what my superiors think about it, and also, I would be very flexible about this and open to suggestions from all members of the community. The rules page is fairly clear about offensive conduct, but I would again be open to suggestions on what should be changed.

    Although RevMen’s description of this position states that the Minister of Discussion will oversee all moderators, my goal would be to work with them, and take advantage of their experience and good judgement to help keep these forums clean.

    Additionally, harsh attitudes towards newbies should not be tolerated. As a forum, we should be friendly to those who want to be a part of our community, and do everything we can to help them learn the awesome art of Brickfilming. Of course, spamming will not be tolerated, but it is possible to overlook the simple language and bad grammar that is so often characteristic of a newbie, especially when we remember that most of us were newbies once, too.

    I am open to any questions, comments, or suggestions that you might have.

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    Being one of those who “has dealt” with The Duke here in regards to content in scripts and such, I will say The Duke is quite the kid-friendly person.

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    Well you have my support.

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    And mine. The juke for minster of information!

    Brilliant smiley Lechnology.

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    Nick Durron

    The second I found out you were running for this position, I knew I was going to vote for you. You have my support!

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    RP Hoogle

    “Legoman182182” wrote: And mine. The juke for minster of information!

    It’s “The Duke” and it’s Minister of Discussion.

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    …And you have my bow!

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    This is not meant as any kind of insult or attack, but my honest reaction when first reading your post: Why would the community need you as Minister of Discussion? It seems to me like your central issue is language throughout the forums, but I think many of us can agree that the current team has this so well handled that it’s practically a non-issue. Some of Blunty’s recent posts are a good indication of that, but I’d say this has been true for years now. If someone says something obscene, it is edited out quite promptly.

    But you also keep saying that you would listen to what your “superiors” think and work with the moderators. This is a good attitude to have, but again, if you are going to look heavily upon what the other already established mods think, why is your presence necessary? What changes do you actually see coming from your participation? Do you have a different definition of what should be acceptable? Unless you see something new to offer, I don’t understand why your input would be needed. And again, I don’t mean this in any malicious way.

    I also have to say I’m quite disappointed in some of those who have replied. I was hoping all candidates for this kind of job would be asked the kind of questions I have been asked, not just quickly given support. Unless, of course, he’s spoken with y’all privately, but it would benefit everyone else to do it publicly.


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    “Cometgreen” wrote: If someone says something obscene, it is edited out quite promptly.

    I would have to disagree on that one.

    While moderation more recently has been kicked up a notch, before the ‘brickfilms government’ was enacted I saw a large amount of profanity go by without any moderation what-so-ever. As you may recall, I even posted about it in the site feedback forum.

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    I think that iamcharles’ response in that thread is correct in explaining why some of those infractions got through. I also wouldn’t say it was a matter of mods allowing the swear words, but simply not being aware of them.

    And for the record, my revised rules do include a clear explanation of the kind of language not tolerated on this site.


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