The Executive Cancelled

Got some sort of good news. The Executive is officially cancelled. Im not quitting brickfilming or anything, but after writing alot of the story its starting to look like its not going to work, story wise. Theres no sense in making this movie if the story sucks. This is good for me because I realize my mistake now and not when I started to film. This could be bad for you, because I know alot of people were looking forward to seeing it.

Why this is good:
1) Well my first movie isnt going to suck :)
2) Alot of my stunt scenes are still going to be in the movie along with some other scenes. The pics that I posted for the movie will also be used in parts of the movie as well.
3) I have something even better!
Why this is bad:
1) K, I admit I hyped quite a bit about this movie, and I dont really want to be branded as a hyper but I was very excited about the movie and wasnt really realising it.

Just thought you people might want to know since I had said so much about it, and I didnt want people to think that im just a hyper. But not to worry, I plan to deliver a very good movie as my first. This time I will not mess up. :D

NOTICE: Im looking for some people (maybe 3 or 4) that are willing to help me with my story some what. Things like ideas for shots or adding in stuff, and making sure the story fits well. If somebody wants to help please email me. Thanx :)