The Future of MoB

Masterpieces of Brickfilming (MoB) has finally concluded (congratulations to the winners and thanks to all involved) and I'm debating whether holding a second MoB is the right course of action or to try something different. Thirty-three filmmakers expressed interest in competing with three finishing their films by the 15-month deadline. While participation in MoB far exceeded my expectation (I expected about 10-12), the final number of films was slightly below my initial estimate. For whatever reason 91% of those who declared intent did not submit a film, I hope they all at least found the experience beneficial.

For a reprise, I have considered simply running the contest again with a similar, though likely longer given the present date, deadline. I've also considered simply funding the production of a single film and offering my assistance in as much of a capacity as I can. The former would theoretically be of greater benefit to more filmmakers while the second would be a more intensive benefit to a smaller number.

I thought I'd open a discussion on the matter to gauge the community's opinion. So, discuss away....