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    I really wanted to enter the first MoB, but by the time that I noticed it, it was already the deadline to say that you are entering, and I knew I couldn’t make the deadline. A second MoB would be awesome, and I would consider entering.

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    Any further thought as to this discussion? I’m not detecting a consensus of opinion upon which to consider any modifications to a second MoB so there’s definitely still room for debate.


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    Oh well,

    this thought miht be a little offtopic, but I guess is still interesting for the question: How to improve brickfilming?

    What about something like a seminar or workshop? We pic a topic for a short film or scene, and each participant writes a script or abstract about it. A week later we pool them read and analyse. And with different topics we repeat it, or everybody sees the same film and we all write a review.

    I think something like this would definitely help everyone to improve and to learn waht is important and how things could be done.

    I learned so much reading books from directors or scriptwriters and listening to audio commentary for films…

    I know it is not directly correlated to MoB, but worth thinking about it.

    Cheers Arend

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    Max Butcher

    Well, i woul love to participate in MoB. If i can get some lovely CGI software; i Can make ‘The Time War’. Also, i need a better mic to record my voice.

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    I agree that hardly any people came out with entrys to this contest, so I think it could be a good idea.
    I won’t enter it but I wouldn’t mind helping out with organizing and the judging processure if this contest does happen.


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    Same here

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    To cut off any possible problems ahead of time, there WILL be a MoB 2008 featuring a format similar to the last. That means any film wishing to qualify will be required to meet the same restrictions as last year. One change I am incorporating is the ability to do live screenings provided those screenings are not part of any other competition. Additionally, I’m contemplating trophies rather than cash prizes.

    Finalized details will be posted in the coming weeks.


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    Nice; If I get a good idea I might consider re-entering.

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    Cool. I’ve got a film idea I could use for this contest.


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    Awesome, Prof, Awesome.
    Can I enter Kensington? :)

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