The Ideal Microphone

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    My 2-cents here, which I feel I must always bring up when we talk of microphones (and I think Lowweek will agree…)

    The Sony ECM-MS907 is a GREAT stereo mic that has a mini-jack, so you can plug it into a soundcard without special cables or pre-amps. You can find these on ebay for about $70 u.s.d.
    I use mine with a minidisc recorder to capture sound effects, foley, and voices. I also record my bands live gigs.

    Even though this is not a “professional” mic, it is awesome.

    Like RevMan and Lowweek, I also have a large collection of professional mic’s that I use with my band, and in my home recording studio… SM57’s, SM58’s, Beta57’s, BG4.0, Oktava mics, CAD mic’s, XML etc,etc..Yes, these are all awesome mics. Better than the Sony… but the Sony is very convenient, quick to set up and still gets great results.

    In related news, this looks interesting… SoundProfessionals have come up with a mic that is supposed to beat the Sony, while being in the same price range.. Sound Professionals MS907


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    Josh, I’m looking now for extraordinary Russian mics of the Brand Oktava model Mk012. These are paired static overheads. All reviewers are extatic about these but I can’t find them in France – seems Oktava has difficulties to export.
    Do you find them in the US ?

    Yes, I have a pair of these. I’ve used them for trumpet and for drum overheads so far. I haven’t really tried them for anything else.

    Josh, what are you thinking of the mastering I did. You gave me no feedback (Maybe I should have PMed you for this)…

    I’m sorry, I’ve been meaning to write. I do like it, but I’ve been waiting for feedback from the band. Currently they are vacationing in Arizona…

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    Yes, I have a pair of these


    What other mics do you got ? :drool:

    Oh, sh*t, WHY am I not living in the US ?
    I recently discovered that the hi-end Sony headphone MDR7509 I LOVE (and was planning to buy) was 60% cheaper in the US ! :evil
    Here in Europe, electronics and specially music gear cost you one hand ! 😥

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    I only have the cardioid capsules and the 10dB pads. I don’t know why I don’t have the other capsules. I guess it’s because I bought these used. I’d really like to have the omni capusles, those could come in handy.

    One very nice thing about living in the US is that electronics and gear are relatively inexpensive. The next time you’re ready to buy some gear, Lowweek, I’ll check prices for you and if it’s cheaper here I can buy it and send it for you. Also the dollar is at an all-time low right now, over 1.30 euros to the dollar!

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    I don’t have too many mics as I only use them for my personal use – no band recording or else.
    I got one SM58, one SM57, one Rode NT1, one Sony ECM-MS907 and several other consumer mics.

    The Sony is very good, I do the same use as Sillymonkey : outdoor recording for foleys and my band gigs. Put on the 120° position – because you can set the spread of the stereo – my band sounds very good, very natural. I bought mine at 120 € ($150) new. You can also use it with a camcorder and wow, this sounds much better than the crappy I-get-the-motor-hum-and-it-overcompresses-the-sound built-in mic.
    And the battery consumption is a dream : I got it for a year, do 2 hours of recording every 2 weeks and I don’t remember having reloaded the battery. 😮

    Josh, wow. THIS is a nice offer. I check my bank account and I write you a Santa Claus letter 😆
    You’ve put a light in my eye and I won’t browse Zzounds with tears…

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    I went to Radio Shack and bought a tie microphone or lavilier microphone. It is what people use on tv. It has a 6 foot cable and comes with one hearing aid type of battery. It only costs 29.99. I let a few legos drop from about 2 inches and the sound came out beautiful. I didn’t know how to link it in the fourms or I would have.
    Very small but has great pickup.

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    Let’s see… I’m not very good at microphones, so I ask for the help of you all.

    I have some €40,- to spend for a microphone, and my microphone should be well for (at least) recording voices without background sounds.
    Anybody with a good suggestion?

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    here’s the mic I gave as a prize for HAT … id/271149/

    It comes with a cable that can be plugged into soundcards, which is what I assume you’d be doing with it.

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    here’s the mic I gave as a prize for HAT

    It’s lying on my desk. Being back home, I should really give it a try now. Expect a test soonish!


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