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    “Hazzat” wrote: So… You have a script? Script comes before casting calls.

    We do have a list of main characters, when we have a director we’ll cast them and cast the extras when we have the script.



    :/ Not convinced really…



    Don’t worry Hazzat, that’s my job in all this 😛

    I just want to get the main casting call out ASAP.



    I don’t think a full script is entirely necessary before we put out a casting call. Of course we need lines that are representative of the characters (which would come from the script) so we wouldn’t have to write too much of it before the casting call is put out. The personalities of the characters and what they experience is basically set in stone.



    Hmm, perhaps I coul help, if you’d explain the position in more detail.



    I believe Doc wants the lead animator to be director.

    And just an update on the status of the script. It still hasn’t been started, but that’s because I’m thinking of what I’m going to do about it because, to be honest, I wasn’t entirely pleased with the script submissions (sorry guys).



    Badger, you are correct in that I want the lead animator/director to be the same person just to make things easier.

    I could have a crack at script writing, I personally wouldn’t mind taking a more active role. Just tell me what kind of scene from the movie you’d like me to take a crack at and I’ll send a submission for your final decision.



    I would love to help, but really will this work. How many filmers are we gonna have.



    Sure you can help, and we have had submissions for filmers. I just need a good time to have a good look through them all. I’m busy with another film project that has a deadline 1st of June so I need to focus more there.



    I’m interested if you need me.

Viewing 10 posts - 211 through 220 (of 303 total)

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