The Lego Movie Project –Pre Production: Script writing

The Lego Movie Project

This thread is for general discussion on the project (hopefully we'll be getting a separate section for this project)

It's about time that this community got out of the internet and into cinemas, that's right, we're going to make a full feature film.

We already have permission from Taab to work under the name of

I know this post is short, there is more in this downloadable document.

Let the pre-production stage begin!

First item on the agenda for discussion,

Should we use CGI or stopmotion? I'm partial to stopmotion myself, but we'd have to have only a few people working on it and it might get a bit much being a feature film.

--Justin Letchford (The Doctor)

PS: Feel free to ask any questions

"Badgerboy" wrote:
Josh, a poor, unloved farm boy in Castle Town, has discovered he has the ability to manipulate and create matter (LEGO bricks). Hoping to get some money (studs, we could maybe call them?) so his family will love him and to bring them out of poverty, he goes to the streets to perform "magic" acts for donations (think street musicians with their guitar cases open for money).

Rasputin, the advisor of the King, witnesses this and runs back to the King to tell him. The King's thief has recently been captured by a neighboring kingdom, and the King sees the only way to get him back is to go to war, that is, until he met Josh and his extraordinry ability.

The King tells Josh that he will provide him with everything he wants if he retrieves the thief. Josh sees this as the only way to win the love of his family, so he accepts. The King sends Rasputin, knowledgeable of the land, and Dash, a charming knight, with Josh.

So they have an adventure. Maybe fight a monster or dragon or two, have some fight sequences, make some funnies, etc.

They arrive at the neighboring kingdom. They break the thief (named Edward) out of jail, not without plenty of action and humor, of course, and leave the kingdom and begin their trek back to Castle Town.

On the way back, they are attacked by soldiers repeatedly that were sent to take the thief back. They defeat them each time thy are sent. Soon they arrive back at Castle Town.

Before the thief can be returned to the King, Castle Town comes under attack by a large army from the neighboring kingdom in one last ditch effort to retrive Edward. This is where the big battle scene will take place.

The neighboring kingdom is defeated. Josh, Dash, Edward, and Rasputin return to the King. The King is pleased and asks Josh what he wants.

Josh reveals that he doesn't want anything. On the adventure, he discovers that all he really wants is someone to accept him for who he is and not for what he did, and he found that person (Rasputin). They all live happily-ever-after.
Old info:Some events may or may not have been added to this basic plot summary since it was posted. Please read the last few pages to get caught up on what we are currently discussing. Major plot developments that are final will be added to this plot summary. Thanks. -Badgerboy
New info: A final plot summary has been posted. Please go to the Scripting thread for more information. -badgerboy



Producer - Justin Letchford "The Doctor"
Head script writer - Matt "bagderboy"