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    May I suggest we do not make a space science-fiction movie, but instead something like an on-earth fantasy or present day scenario plot. I think that opens more opportunities and makes it much less of a hassle.



    I agree. That would also make less of a need for CGI.

    I would also recommend shortening the length of the project. Chances are there aren’t going to be many animators, and if it’s going to be feature-length…yikes. That’s going to be a major turn-off for a lot of animators.

    Which brings us back to CGI. Not a lot of community members are experienced in CGI, but if the ones who are can make something good, that would make the time spent animating a lot shorter and easier, as well. While it may not be a true CP, it would definitely make things a lot easier on the animators.

    So I’m kind of leaning towards CGI at this point, because the chances of this being completed with stop-motion is zero. And you have to remember, almost all CPs fail as soon as the animation phase comes.

    Another advantage of CGI is that it would probably be more welcomed by an audience. It also gets rid of that problem with different camera qualities.

    But it’s your call, Doc.



    But it’s your call, Doc.

    He can’t hear you…



    “badgerboy” wrote: I would also recommend shortening the length of the project.

    I think the project length is fine, but we need to take it in stages, not all at once. Start with a scriptwriting stage.

    – Leo



    I had this idea a few weeks ago, and I would like to animate it. I would also like to help with the direction of photography. I am good at making dramatic shots. If we could get a video chat going, we could talk to each other and get the perfect shot.




    I SO want to do this, I am ALL IN.

    OK, ok compose yourself…

    now, I have a few things I can offer. 1st I am a capable writer and I ALREADY HAVE A FULL SCRIPT… kinda. you see, my father is a unpublished author, he have written many books and short stories. we could totally use one of his books/ short stories. and I would be willing to adapt it to into a script. He writes since fiction BUT not space scifi, so we wouldnt have to use the CGI to much.

    Doc, I know your gone so I dont wanna jump the gun with this cause its kinda your project. but I would be intrested in helping you orginize this. if you want I can lay out a structure for this project.

    any ways. the olny thing I ask is that if we use one of his stories we put a credit right at the beging, something like “based on the novel by (my fathers name)”

    these two stories are the olny ones he ever put on the internet, I would like anyone interested to read them. you can contact my father thru his E-mail if you wish to comment on them, try to keep it profesinal, but it dosent have to be brief.

    anyways, well see what happens with that



    I’m in!

    I’m great with editing, when we get to that 😆 . Not any of the FX per say, but composing it all together.

    I’ll be on more, I haven’t been here in forever, so keep all of us posted.

    If anyone needs to E-mail me it’s,



    “brickfilms-r-us” wrote: I’m in!

    I’m great with editing, when we get to that 😆 . Not any of the FX per say, but composing it all together.

    What editing software are you using?

    – Leo



    Vegas 9, and when I get a mac (which should be soon I hope) I’m going to start using Final Cut.



    ^ but this just LEGO sets, that doesn’t mean it can’t be CGI or clay/latex, I mean with CGI there’s tons of different companies that manufacture building blocks so it’s just made of bricks not specifically LEGO bricks. And as for using clay/latex instead of bricks, yeah it get’s rid of that LEGOish feel, but general stop-mo is on the rise these days, with Wallace and Gromit, Coraline and probably tons others I can’t think of right now.

    Just a thought.

    EDIT: haha, yeah, I remembering getting almost the same E-mail when I had started a film that I planned to air on TV, because of that I never finished it.

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