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    Kay, I tried to work on my animation and lighting on these movies. These movies are basically about 2 guys. Cool Guy(the one with the red cap and blue shirt.)and Michael(the other one with freckles.).

    Adventure 1: Staying Alive: (6.8 MB)

    And if that doesn’t work: (6.8 MB)

    Adventure 2: The Big Storm: (3.1 MB)

    And if that doesn’t work: (3.1 MB)

    LEGOTRONN OUT :grin:

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    Bob Page

    Oh My GOD! I like it a lot :D :lol: 8) so funny!!! lol

    How did you do that water fx without putting water all around the floor?

    overall 5/5 because my opinion counts and I enjoyed watching it

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    Basically, I put my set in the sink and turned the water on. (Since there was still room in the sink, it drained down instead of getting on the floor.) I got in trouble for not telling my mom. :oops: Silly me. So which one did you like the best? :)

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    I liked the films quite a lot! Well done!

    The .avi wouldn’t play for me, but after I renamed it to .mp4 and opened it with QuickTime, it worked perfectly.

    Some suggestions: use blue-tak or a similar substance to secure your camera and set. Especially if you’re going to repeat footage (as with the guy spinning around in front of the radio), you have to make sure that both ends fit perfectly.

    And I have to agree: that rain looks amazing! How did you keep your camera from getting wet?


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    Actually, once it did, just a small splatter on the lens. It didn’t show though. :P

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    Yea, the good old set-in-sink technique. I used that for a titanic movie once, where the rooms where getting flooded :D

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    I couldn’t get em to work :(
    I even changed the type, but no result…
    Though, they sound pretty cool!

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    Very GOOD! :lol: :lol: They were so funny! Great Job LegoTronn 8)

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    Gee, thanks, titantiger! :)

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    Man Legotronn, that was funny!


    Stayin’ Alive:
    I was laughing as soon as Michael started doing those embarrassing dance moves :D
    And was that just me, or was that a penguin?!? Wow, penguins are in, monkies are out 8) JK

    The Big Storm:
    Yeah, a penguin again! The storm effects were amazing!!! The rain :woo And music from Jonah? Cool.


    Great work Legotronn!!!


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