The NeXT Game Plan for the Resources

My idea for the resources is to turn it into the portal for all of the other resources available on this site (like the wiki, the FAQ, and the Sound Library). Make it so easy, that beginners will take the initiative to go through and learn all there is before coming into the forums and asking often redundant questions ("Which webcam do you like best?" for example).

The first page you visit would contain links and descriptions of each section (ie. "Articles","FAQ","Wiki","Tech Guides", etc.). Each link would most likely be represented by images relating to their content. Each individual page would contain links/descriptions/pictures of each item.

Delving into a few of those sections, with the help of FAQ Admin mrgraff, I'd like to revamp the FAQ, update it to today's standards and make it more accessible and user-friendly. In other words, something a member/visitor would actually read.

Video tutorials would be a definite addition, allowing us to show members steps and processes in detail, something that can be hard to do via text and/or a few images.

The sound library would receive a slight upgrade that would allow for easy submission of files.

In order to maintain a decent flow of articles/interviews, I would have a small team of writers that I think would be capable of creating intriguing and intelligent articles.

The best part is, these aren't just ideas that I and other members of NeXT have floating around our heads. We're already making them happen. We don't want to see the future of Brickfilms in a year. We want to see it today and that's what we're doing.

I have no doubt that with our great team, including mrgraff's awesome job on FAQ 1.0, my web and coding skills as well as Pierre Films' visionary persona to name a few, we can make Brickfilms the ultimate source for beginning stop-motion hobbyists. Along with the feedback we'll want from you the Brickfilms family itself as well as the ability to rate articles, there is absolutely no way that we can make anything less than a gold standard for Wiki/Resource pages.

If you like what you see, then vote for me. ;)