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    ^wonders why he is so much afraid of fake blood…



    ^ Has a really cool Brickfilming map on his web site 🙂



    < is glad that ^ likes his map! 🙂 ^ made some cool films!



    < thinks that ^ is neat and ^ has test films that < likes


    Drunken Farmer Ben

    < Thinks everyone ^ needs to stop using "<" because the whole point of ^ topic is to use "^" and not "<". < wishes he didnt introduce "<" To ^ topic. (Oh, and by the way. **** 😛 )

    [EDIT to remove homophobic reference violation, let’s try to keep this friendly!]



    < thinks that this is a big strange , … , well, < doesn't really know right now, but if anybody knows, please tell <. Also, If you want to see a good post, look at ^^^^^^^^^^^^^. And another thing, that was just a random number of ^'s that i just put, and if you went and looked at the post, then good for you, because < is laughing at you right now. And < has a habit of typing too much and taking up space. But < wouldn't want to do that. Oh, no, < is too good for that. Instead, < will just sit here and continue to type aimlessly, knowing that anybody who reads this must be getting pretty annoyed by now. So, to keep <'s good rep, < will shut up now and allow the strange topic to continue.
    So, to keep this thing goin, i think ^ is a really funny guy. There. Ya happy?



    < agree's that ^^ is a funny guy but < is truly the coolest


    Shootin Bricks

    ^ Is expecting 2 new cameras to arrive soon and has big BIG plans 🙂



    ^ is right and < is happy



    wonders what cams ^ is waiting to arrive…

Viewing 10 posts - 31 through 40 (of 178 total)

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