The Revolution Party

A spectre is haunting brickfilms - the spectre of revolution. Swearing is uncensored. The directory's standards are low. A constant, aching reminder to "look at the FAQ" can be heard echoing animatedly through the hills, with not a soul putting it into use. What once was a respectable forum for discussing American politics and evolution has degraded to ad hominem attacks and Britain's inventage of everything. Where have we gone wrong, my friends?

The history of all hitherto existing forums is the history of member rankings. Patron and visitor, Admin and Mod, long-time member and person who only posts in the "What was the last movie you watched" thread, stood in constant opposition to one another. Threats of leaving have long been mocked by the bourgeois, but now we have the power to fight back.

Join with the Revolution Party and you will see all men, filming together, giving Lego out of his excess, and receiving Lego from his shortage. No longer will swearing be allowed in the forums; the leaders will ban all who try that. Not a single cruddy film will be accepted into our beloved and once great directory!

Let the moderators tremble at this revolution. We non-patrons have nothing to lose but our chains. We have a website to win.

Filming men of all countries, unite!