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    My fellow brickfilmers,

    I believe that we should establish a tradition that, twice a year, the staff reports on the state of and the hobby of brickfilming. I request that every Minister use this thread to report on the state and progress under their area of authority.

    For my portion I will first share a recent snapshot of website statistics. Starting September 12th, the day after the i-caught broadcast, we’ve been tracking site statistics with Google analytics, which is a fantastic tool.

    For the period of September 12th through October 8th:

    58,798 visits to the website
    26,028 unique visitors
    522,975 pageviews

    Many of these visitors are on account of the i-Caught segment and the Wall Street Journal article, but less than you might expect. Remember, these stats start the day after the TV exposure. The flow of traffic into the site is surprisingly consistent. In other words, there are thousands of people visiting the site every day who are not posting in the forums and who are not making films. The hobby is alive and well and interesting to the public at large. If you make a good film and share it at, it will be seen.

    The article in the Wall Street Journal was great in that it gave attention to films and animators based solely on the merits of the films. I was pleased to see so many different brickfilmers with quotes and contributions to the article. I know that certain opportunities have been falling out for various people as a result. The numbers above do not reflect how many people watched brickfilms as a result of the WSJ article. Many of the links in the article were directly to YouTube… probably a majority of clicks from that article went to YouTube and not to

    I hope that this recent exposure for some of our deserving animators is motivation for all brickfilmers to keep improving and making films. You know never know when the next exposure might come along, and your film might just be seen by thousands or millions of people.

    In the future there are some interesting possibilities in store for the website. I’m working with a small company who is developing a new technology for video distribution over the internet, and brickfilms may get a chance to be a testing ground. In the near future, it may be easier to share brickfilms than ever before. That’s all I can say now, but keep your eyes peeled for the reinvention of like you haven’t imagined it.

    I will now invite the brickfilms staff to give their own updates. Here’s the list of people I hope will contribute:

    Richard Frost (or Cometgreen as his proxy)
    An Old Ore
    Pierre Films

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    Thank, RevMen

    Over the course of my two terms, productivity had shifted from mild-mannered to actively engaging. Obviously, this new Minister system is only in its infant year so there is much to learn in shaping and organizing this ministry. I will admit, the tactics of my first term were not as productive as my current second term tactics. This is thanks in part by Lord of the LEGO’s approach at making a Community Project. He now serves as my Vice Minister.

    No community project, other than the unofficial The Day Crashed (which was privately run and not by the Ministry) have been produced yet.

    Currently, three community projects are being run:
    Project Super (run by your’s truly) is in it’s scriptwriting phase.

    The Day Crashed 2.0 (run by Lord of the LEGO) status is unknown but it is expected to be under revision to fit the guidelines of a community project (specifically, non-permitted copyrighted material are being removed)

    Late for Work (run by BertL) has just been reactivated and animators are still being selected? I would hve to confirm with BertL’s division on this.

    Other community projects:
    Project Divinity has been passed down to Lord of the LEGO to run in accordance to a undisclosed agreement between myself and Lord of the LEGO. It has been placed on hiatus.

    Community project concepts that have been brought up from January 1, 2007 up to this point in time:

    Project Valor (introduced by Mr.Lemons) Initially stickied, by writer’s request, it was unstickied and it remains inactive as of this point. Status: Hiatus.
    Project Brickfilms (introduced by Aled Owen) It was viewed by this ministry as a ripoff of The Day Crashed. Status: Unknown, presumed dead.
    lbn lego brodcasting network (introduced by scotty h) The concept was difficult to comprehend and was viewed as another ripoff of The Day Crashed. Status: Locked.
    Concept: it’s politics as usual (introduced by scotty h) The initial concept was viewed more as a contest theme rather than a community project. Other members introduced other approaches that were more community project oriented. Status: Unknown.
    The Day Crashed…What Really Happened (introduced by EyesOnMeStudios) The concept is a variation of The Day Crashed and similar to a concept that was discussed privately amongst myself and my second in command but was eventually scrapped due to complexity. The thread got off topic. Status: Locked.
    Concept: Pirates (introduced by TwickABros) Concept has potential. Status: Unknown.
    Concept: Adventure (introduced Mr.Lemons) Concept has potential. The writer has his own storyline but may not fit with a community project. Status unknown.
    Concept: Brick Wars (introduced by Mac Pro) The concept needed more development, but lack of interest has kept that from happening. Status: Dead.

    As you can see, many concepts and ideas have to be weeded through before a few good ones are developed into a community project.

    A community project isn’t made over night. It may take a few months or it may take a couple of years.

    In general, things are progressing as they should be. I was expecting Late for Work to be more active as it is one of the most simplest form of a community project to make.

    Whether or not more than one project should be running at the same time is debatable and only time will tell if such method is favorable.

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    Aled Owen

    The idea for Project Brickfilms came way back in 2005, not a ripoff of the Day Brickfilms Crashed.


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    I stand corrected, but the thread was still create May 20, 2007, this year, not 2005.

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    An Old Ore

    Firstly, I would like to take this time to thank RevMen for all that he has provided to both this site and the members of it. I would also like to thank him for his vote of confidence in me when the re-elections came around and I was given tenure, thus not needing to run an election campaign.

    Since the day that I first joined the Review Panel, there has been a steady flow of brickfilms being submitted to the Directory. I haven’t been keeping accurate statistics, but it fluctuates between ten and thirty films every month. In 2006 there were 183 films added to the Directory, so the total number of films submitted was much higher than that.

    Lamentably, a large number of the films that are submitted are rather poorly made, with little apparent effort. I say apparent because it’s not possible to tell from the final product how many obstacles the director needed to overcome in the production of their film.

    However, the overall standard has been improved, and since the publication of the raised standards, many directors have been putting a lot more effort into their films. Not just the giants of our community, but a large portion of the community are making better films. Now, I’m not trying to claim that I’m solely responsible for this increase in skill, or even a contributing factor. But it is pleasing to see members not only making better films but also encouraging each other to do better.

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    I give the community a B- in coolness. We are getting a new influx of members, and there have been one or two incidents, but overall people are staying smooth. The only thing I find unsettling is the recent fascination with Apple products and their level of quality.

    Cometgreen, who doesn’t thank RevMen


    I would like, as Vice-Minister of Community Projects, to follow up to Lechnology’s post.

    The Day Crashed 2.0 will soon go through a revamping. I have unfortunately have received very little desirable content from new contributers, and the current thread has been clogged with off-topic posts and general (unneeded) confusion. When I have time (as soon as possible), I will be creating a new, simple thread and setting a deadline for clip submissions. If the deadline passes and I receive no good clips, so be it. The project will be closed, and I will proceed with simply reediting The Day Crashed 2.0 with no copyrighted material.

    The Divinity Project is, as Lechnology stated, currently on hiatus. I decided that it was not a good idea to attempt to keep two extremely large projects (Divinity and Super) going at the same time. Once Super is complete, I hope to restart Project Divinity.

    As Executive Producer of Super, I am pleased to report Super is progressing extremely well. “Scriptwriting stage” might sound like much, but let me assure you, we have been working hard ever since Project Super was initiated. Super isn’t going to be a simple, short film. It is very complex, and requires a lot of attention.

    Since BertL is in charge of Late for Work, he should be the one to provide updates. However, I would like to say that Late for Work is mostly behind schedule because of heavy schoolwork that has taken over the primary animators. Ideas weren’t finalized before the school year started, and so we all have very little time to animate. However, things are once again progressing.

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    I guess you could say things have been going smoothly as Minister of Sound, though close to nothing has happened in my term (I’ve only accepted one sound effect from Mirko and haven’t received one request since). I guess people aren’t into creating and submitting custom sound effects as much as I thought they would be (go figure).

    At any rate, the sound library hasn’t really changed much, but it seems fine enough as is without the need of any major design overhaul. So yeah, everything’s cool.

    -MindGame, feeling a bit coy in his statement.

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    “MindGame” wrote: I guess people aren’t into creating and submitting custom sound effects as much as I thought they would be (go figure).

    I have been very interested in foley, but I have been unable to do it, as I don’t have a decent mic. But when/if I get a decent mic, I would be glad to contribute to the Sound Library.

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    As Minister of Film Ratings, I’m doing my best to stay invisible. I’m deleting ratings that were made with the intent of tampering (of which there have been quite a few) and slowly making up a list of changes I would like made to the ratings system to make it smoother and simpler. I’m doing the job I said I would do, and I’m quite proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish since my election.

    I apologise for not having a longer speech, but my area isn’t as exciting for you guys as Community Projects or Film Review. For me, however, it’s amazingly fun. Watching ratings pour in, it’s a fantastic look behind the stats in the directory.

    Hopefully we’ll be making some changes within the next month or two, so stay tuned.


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