The State of thread – Fall of 2007

My fellow brickfilmers,

I believe that we should establish a tradition that, twice a year, the staff reports on the state of and the hobby of brickfilming. I request that every Minister use this thread to report on the state and progress under their area of authority.

For my portion I will first share a recent snapshot of website statistics. Starting September 12th, the day after the i-caught broadcast, we've been tracking site statistics with Google analytics, which is a fantastic tool.

For the period of September 12th through October 8th:

58,798 visits to the website
26,028 unique visitors
522,975 pageviews

Many of these visitors are on account of the i-Caught segment and the Wall Street Journal article, but less than you might expect. Remember, these stats start the day after the TV exposure. The flow of traffic into the site is surprisingly consistent. In other words, there are thousands of people visiting the site every day who are not posting in the forums and who are not making films. The hobby is alive and well and interesting to the public at large. If you make a good film and share it at, it will be seen.

The article in the Wall Street Journal was great in that it gave attention to films and animators based solely on the merits of the films. I was pleased to see so many different brickfilmers with quotes and contributions to the article. I know that certain opportunities have been falling out for various people as a result. The numbers above do not reflect how many people watched brickfilms as a result of the WSJ article. Many of the links in the article were directly to YouTube... probably a majority of clicks from that article went to YouTube and not to

I hope that this recent exposure for some of our deserving animators is motivation for all brickfilmers to keep improving and making films. You know never know when the next exposure might come along, and your film might just be seen by thousands or millions of people.

In the future there are some interesting possibilities in store for the website. I'm working with a small company who is developing a new technology for video distribution over the internet, and brickfilms may get a chance to be a testing ground. In the near future, it may be easier to share brickfilms than ever before. That's all I can say now, but keep your eyes peeled for the reinvention of like you haven't imagined it.

I will now invite the brickfilms staff to give their own updates. Here's the list of people I hope will contribute:

Richard Frost (or Cometgreen as his proxy)
An Old Ore
Pierre Films