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June 13, 2014 at 7:16 pm #440989
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Hey guys, fishbowlbob here, and it has been long debated by the brickfilming community who the best brickfilmers are. Many will argue fancypants, with his amazing story telling and smooth animation. Others will say it is Keshen8, as his movements are hyper-realistic. I am here to put this debate to rest. The answer is none of them. They all are better at other things than others. Now, I will put my top 10 list of brickfilmers in here, and I will overlook certain brickfilmers due to the fact that they have mature content on their channels, and this article is KID-FRIENDLY. But I now must mention them because they have amazing animation. Keshen, Spatsik Chawawau, (hope i spelled that right) and ForrestFire101. Now, the other brickfilmers are kid friendly, and I will post links to their channels. (These are in no particular order.)


Has the best animation and special effects I have ever seen in a brickfilmer. He uploads usually once or twice a year, but when he does upload, you can be sure it will be a masterpiece.


Here we go, you knew he was going to be on the list, he really needs no introduction, Jordan has made unforgettable brickfilms, most of them involving clone troopers Bridge and Gus. He has great animation, and his comedic timing is great.


This is a relatively unknown brickfilmer, but his animation is AWESOME. He is best known for his substitution of lego baseplates with clay, and he mainly makes Lotr brickfilms, with an occasional star wars or city brickfilm, he parodies well-known movies, and even did the animation for The lego movie HISHE. And, little easter egg here, in the Lego Movie, there is a scene where all minifigs of the city are building without instructions, and they feature a clip of his video Gorgy Wants A Horse. You can check if you want to, his video is there.


This brickfilmer is possibly the most well-known on the list, he has animation that is unforgettable, but even more unforgettable are his stories involving the citizens of Figuria, and new-anchors Phil and Sherry, as they report on everything from robot invasions to a not-so-dangerous villain Malifious.

Annoying Noises Productions

This brickfilmer, Harrison Allen, literally makes his own little fairy tales, and turns them into lego, with humorous results. His brickfilms will make you laugh until it hurts, and he takes logic and, well, makes it Not logic. You definetely want to check him out.


This brickfilmer is simple, yet elegant. He titles his videos for what they are, and they usually have little dialouge. But his animation is great, and he has one of the most-viewed brickfilms of all time, Lego Shopping.,d.aWw


Most know him for his video Little Guys, Paganomation makes brickfilms for Lego, and does a great job. He as well doesn’t make many videos with dialouge, but does an amazing job making these little guys talk with facial expressions and sound effects. His videos are quite unique, I’ve never seen a brickfilmer with the same charm as him.,d.aWw


He really hits it out of the ballpark with camera movement, animation, and special effects, his brickfilms are a sight to behold. My favorite is the Profession, but there are many other great films he has made. Check him out!,d.aWw

Lindsay Flea

This is the first brickfilmer known to mankind, and never uploaded his video, Keshen uploaded The Magic portal, Lindsay’s only brickfilm. No talking, just all awesome. Made in 1985, this brickfilm is still one of the best, and can never be matched.,d.aWw

Nathan Wells

This animator has recently returned from college, and his comeback brickfilm explained that whole thing. He has awesome quality brickfilms, and will blow you away with his animations.

There it is! My top 10 brickfilmers! Did you see something you didn’t agree with? Think I missed someone? Say down in the comments section what you think could’ve been improved.
Until next time,

June 13, 2014 at 7:17 pm #440990
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I forgot the link for brotherhood workshop’s channel. Here it is!,d.aWw

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