The Ultimate Video Search $15,000 Prize

> > From: > Name: Karen Happel > Email Id: karenhappel > Subject: Video Contest > Message Body: > Hi Guys, > > I work for Ashton Kutcher's YouTube channel, ThrashLab, and am helping them get the word out about a video competition we're holding. We're looking for videograhers, artists, and editors who want to compete for a $15,000 prize. I saw your work on Kickstarter, and since Stop Motion Animation is one of our categories, I thought you might be interested in submitting. > > > > One of only 100 channels created by YouTube and given to Hollywood production companies, celebrities, and media outlets, ThrashLab is focused on bringing serious artists to a mainstream audience. > > Let me know what you think. I'm happy to answer any questions that you might have. And don't be alarmed that it says that you can't have posted a submission anywhere else on the web - as long as you take down your post before you submit to us, you're still eligible.