The United Front of the Nation's People is now closed.

I, David White (White, DMMWhite, DMMW), wish to launch the party of:

My fellow vertebrates of Earth. Today is a good day, hopefully tomorrow will be too, I see some showers for the South but they will soon pass.
If we a member of this party gets elected, we all help them to do the best they can, for a better Brickfilms and a better tomorrow.

To prove to how good this party is I actually decided to close it, I then looked at the other parties and realized they dont have what I'm looking for!
The United Front of the Nation's People is back in the election.

Why not join other parties:

The WWRD Party - Most people join because they expect it to be good because it has a very respected member running it. Don't be a sheep.

The NOT COMETGREEN Party - thats... erm. Well what ever it is, its not very nice to Cometgreen.

The Revolution Party - Communist hoping to destroy all leaders from the Brickfilming community and some how make it runs itself.

The Party of Numenor - A percentage of members have only been members of this community for a number of months!