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    I would second Richard’s nomination and I will also second Schlockading’s as well. It will be up to Lechnology to determine at what point those nominations should be made the official ones of the Party.

    Furthermore, I wish to retract my nomination of Tim (nee Timboh56) for Minister of Discussion as no one saw fit to second it (now there’s a surprise).

    Furthermoremore, I should like to propose that the WWRD Party endorse Cometgreen’s candidacy for Minister of Discussion; though he has been nominated by another party.

    Other than RevMen himself (hehe), I cannot think of anyone more qualified for the post than Cometgreen. In his role as Moderator, he has demonstrated a dedication to maintaining the sanity of discussions in the Forums that is nearly beyond reproach. His maintenance of focus in the brickfilming Forums has had a huge impact upon Brickfilms reaching the successful state that it currently finds itself and his tolerant views of what is acceptable behavior in the Community and Lively Discussion Forums coincide almost perfectly with my own.

    I am not sure whether this proposal is appropriate — but such consideration didn’t prevent Trillspots’s nomination in the previous election :). Again, it will be up to Lechnology to determine when (or if) there is enough support for the Party to make it an official endorsement. If any wish to volunteer for the nomination, they should do so fairly promptly.

    I would ask all members of WWRD to weigh in with either their approval or disaproval of this proposal (i.e., endorsing Cometgreen); as well as supporting the nominations of Schlockading for Minister of Film Ratings and Richard Frost for Minister of Film Contests. This will permit Lechnology the chance to move ahead and for the nominees to start campaigning in earnest.

    Thank you.

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    I approve of Richard’s nomination for Minister of Film Contests. Indeed, Mr. Frost has been a longtime member of these forums and has obviously proven that he has the skills needed for the position. Although he hasn’t really been too involved in any of the recent contests, it still seems that he would fill the position well.

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    My views and decisions will be based on what I have observe and/or not have observed. Despite Saulgoode’s wisdom in these nominations, I’ll approve and support the nomination of Richardfrost for Minister of Film Contest and Schlockading for Minister of Film Rating upon receiving statements from both nominees explaining their qualifications.

    Seniority, forum reputation, all these are implicit. A statement will be most explicit.

    As for the Minister of Discussion, both nominees are well qualified for such a position. That is for the reason I cannot decide whether or not this party will support Cometgreen. I will, therefore, redirect the responsibility of decision back to Saulgoode or perhaps to Cometgreen himself to see if he will accept our support.

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    I should apologize, as I saw saulgoode’s suggestion of endorsing my candidacy soon after it was posted yesterday, but did not feel it right to reply just yet. But since Lechnology has asked for me to chime in, I will say that I am of course honored to receive the support of the WWRD party, if your members do decide to support me. And as I always say, any concerns or ideas you may have, feel free to share with me.

    I also have a feeling that The Puppy Sponsored Freedom and Liberty Party would be willing to endorse Richard Frost as Minister of Film Contests. Sure, he is the only one running as of today, but I do think he is an excellent choice for the position. But I cannot speak for the rest of my party.


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    I will have to see who else is running before he receives my vote, but Mr. Frost is an excellent candidate.

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    I’ve noticed that Monko did not receive the nomination of the party from which he sought it and furthermore that he has not been official nominated to participate in the election.

    Personally, I agree with his summary that the Sound Library is not lacking on the technical side and that the focus should be on motivating the membership to both contribute and make use of the Library. I should like very much to be able to vote for Monko and his platform. Regardless of who wins an election, it is important that differing viewpoints be represented in the candidates so that the opinions of the membership have an opportunity to be expressed.

    I request that Monko be put forth as the WWRD party’s nominee for Minister Of Sound and ask for support of at least offering him as a choice to the Brickfilm’s electorate.

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    Nice guys.

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    “Monko, in another thread, ” wrote: I have to say I’m a little put out at the parties responsiveness to push candidates forward and giving voters more options *cough* WWRD leaving it till the last day *night*.

    My apologies for the delayed timing but the fact remains that you sought the nomination from another party. If you had sought the nomination of the WWRD party (even after the NeXT party nominated a different candidate), I would have endorsed your nomination.

    I tend to agree with The Party Which Changes Its Name More Often Than The Artist Formerly Known As Prince Party in that political parties are a less than ideal solution; nonetheless, they might be the only viable one.

Viewing 8 posts - 31 through 38 (of 38 total)

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