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February 28, 2007 at 7:20 pm #265615
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Excuse me for intruding your thread.

I am very disappointed in Monko’s not running, I was hoping to have another competitor. He was, really, the only other person that, If I had not have run, I would have voted for. The others just didn’t seem as serious as He did. There is always a next time Monko.

“Saulgoode” wrote: I tend to agree with The Party Which Changes Its Name More Often Than The Artist Formerly Known As Prince Party in that political parties are a less than ideal solution; nonetheless, they might be the only viable one

I do not think that, Parties, are The only viable solution. If there were no parties, that is, if It was my choice, I would propose to set it up so that you would have to be a Brickfilms member for a set time, Slightly more than the required time to vote. If you passed the time limit then you must post your plan and rally up at least 5 supportive members. Your job would be to keep at least 5 members until election day. That is my basic proposal, the numbers may change slightly.

Edit: if you wish to comment on this idea please do so Thread. Thank you.


Viewing post 46 (of 46 total)

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