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    Wednesday Jan. 14, 2004 11:45pm

    “Garth Franklin of DarkHorizons.com” wrote: Director Tim Burton recently spoke with CNN on how “The Corpse Bride”, his second foray into the stop motion animation feature world after the much beloved “Nightmare Before Christmas”, is progressing.

    First up he was asked why he won’t make a direct sequel to “The Nightmare Before Christmas”, to which he glibbly responded – “What would it be … ‘Thanksgiving World’? Or they go kidnap Uncle Sam on the Fourth of July? That wouldn’t go over too good these days”.

    “The Corpse Bride” which he’s producing and made in the same animation style as “The Nightmare Before Christmas”, is based on an Eastern European folk tale about a man who mistakenly weds a dead body.

    Burton says to expect plenty of dark humor – “Rather than make it this dark, unspoken thing — which is kind of how I grew up — I always liked the idea that it was more a celebration. It feels more positive, somehow, and more spiritual and right to me”.

    The director doesn’t sound keen to revisit some of his past stuff including the “Batman” franchise – he gave an interesting response when asked about all the current crop of superhero movies after his Batman: “I liked the psychology of it, the darkness of it, but now it just seems like the tortured superhero has become its own genre. ‘Yeah, OK, tortured kid …’ You kind of long for the days when they were just happy and doing good just because they loved it”.

    I love Tim Burton’s work. I cannot wait for this flick to come out.

    EDIT: The BBC folk are stirring up talks about some old TV show coming back in 2005, interesting read for some fans here.


    Shootin Bricks

    What about Big Fish? Has anyone seen it yet? Every review I’ve seen so far just gushes about how it’s T.B.’s best work…



    I heard about this film,it sounds rather weird though.Oh,well,I love The Nightmare before Christmas. 😀



    A little tid bit today on Variety that Johnny Depp will be the lead voice in the Corpse Bride

    Before he toplines back-to-back “Pirates of the Caribbean” sequels, Johnny Depp will first pull double duty for Tim Burton and Warner Bros.
    Already booked to play Willy Wonka in the Burton-directed “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” Depp has just made a deal to provide the lead voice in “Corpse Bride,” the stop-motion animated film Burton is co-directing with Michael Johnson and producing with Allison Abbate.

    Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, Emily Watson, Albert Finney, Richard Grant, Joanna Lumley and Christopher Lee will provide character voices for the latter film, being made in London simultaneously with “Charlie.”

    WB will release the Wonka pic July 15, 2005, and “Corpse Bride” in October 2005.

    Latter film shares the stop-motion animation technique used in the Burton-produced “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” as well as a similarly charming but macabre setting. In a 19th-century European village, Victor (Depp) travels to the underworld for a quickie wedding to a mysterious corpse bride (Bonham Carter) while his living wife (Watson) pines for his return.



    Johnny Depp in a Tim Burton film? how odd. 😐



    Already booked to play Willy Wonka in the Burton-directed “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,”…

    I can’t wait to see how this film will look! Tim Burton is one of my favorite directors, I loved the look he did in The Nightmare Before Christmas and Batman.


    I didn’t only love the look, I also loved the movie. Nightmare Before Christmas has been one of my favorite movies for a while, and i admire it being entirely stop-motion, which is (I think) the reason that most Brickfilmers like that movie. Has anyone btw. seen his first short stop-mo movie Vincent ? It seems as if he only makes them … creepy …



    Johnny Depp in a Tim Burton film? how odd

    i hope you being sarcastic there blunt!!

    Vincent is fantastic u get it off the dvd over at play.com its only £7 its well worth the buy

    Edit: i found a pic looks alot like NBC



    “mossahebi” wrote:

    Johnny Depp in a Tim Burton film? how odd 😐

    i hope you being sarcastic there blunt!!


    …. yes, moss

    and no offence, but anyone who needs help to recognize the sarcasm in that sentance, particularly with the emoticon I selected, is either a “bit slow” of hasn’t seen many Tim Burton films.
    seriously… you had to ask?




    Oh boy! Another great Tim Burton Stop Mo!

    The Nightmare before Christmas was great and I bet this one will be just as good… I hope… 🙂

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