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    Its time we started looking for someone to animate this awesome project of ours.

    Keep in mind that this needs to be at least 90 minutes long an no more that two hours because kids just won’t still still for more than two if even that.

    Now, you will need to submit a film that you have animated that demonstrates your current skill. It would be good if we had more than one animator who lived nearby to each other so they work together or you can co-ordinate online however you see fit.

    If we do have more than one animator, you will need to be able to work together so it is all done in the same style etc, with the same camera model etc.

    A head animator will also be assigned if there are multiple animators. This head animator will also direct the film and will need to demonstrate such skills in directing and cinematography.

    If I’ve left anything out, I’ll add it when I think of it. In the mean time, send in those submissions!

    “Plot and Character Summery” wrote: Character Descriptions:

    Josh: Josh is a poor, unloved farm boy living in Castleton. He lives with his family consisting of a mother, father, and sister. Josh is an outcast in his own home, because of his unique ability to control and create matter. His family sees him as a freak.

    Josh is shy and isn’t very brave, but throughout the film he transforms into a heroic person.

    Rasputin: Rasputin is the king’s advisor. He reports Josh’s amazing abilities to the king, which sets the plot in motion. Rasputin is knowledgeable and fatherly, yet reclusive. Throughout the story, Rasputin learns how to open up and befriend people.

    Dash: Dash is charming, charismatic, and very persuasive. He is a knight in shining armor, the dream husband of all females. However, a lot of bravery shown by Dash is really just bragging and small deeds made to be larger than they are. He has convinced himself he is the greatest hero of all time, but now he is beginning to doubt that, until his self-esteem completed diminishes and he couldn’t save a fly. Dash soon learns about being a hero, and that’s its about helping other people, not the rewards.

    Edward: Edward is the King’s thief, but he has recently been captured by a group of monsters. Edward is sarcastic and cunning, providing some great humor. Edward goes through the least character development in the film, but that is mainly because of his hard-headed personality.

    Queen: The monster Queen is a beautiful, yet slightly ugly, monster that rules all the other monsters in her domain. She can shape-shift into many different creatures, but always reverts back to her humanoid form. She is pure evil, yet performs acts of mercy towards her prisoners by allowing them to become slaves instead of being executed.


    Jesse: Jesse is a skeleton that forms a crush for Edward while he is imprisoned by the Queen. Jesse, like all other skeletons, is being forced to work for the Queen because of an ancient pact that demands that they obey her command. They are skeletons because of a curse put on them by the Queen herself because she wants them to be as miserable as possible.

    The King: The King of Castleton is a heavy man that enjoys food. He controls his kingdom as if it were a game of chess, constantly making references to the game. However, he would sacrifice everything for his kingdom.

    ACT I – The Pre-Adventure:

    The film starts on Josh’s farm as he is going through his daily routine. The opening credits will appear on screen during this short segment. When the sun is setting and Josh believes that he is finished, his father comes over and throws a bucket at him.

    Josh’s father demands that Josh cleans the horse droppings up. This point finishes the opening credits.

    Josh enters the barn and brings a horse out of its stable so he can clean it up. Josh makes the droppings levitate, and then drops it in a bucket. He does this for a few other horses, and then his mother walks in and scolds him by making cruel remarks. She doesn’t want him using his ability at all. She shoves him into the droppings.

    The next day, Josh wakes up and gets dressed and discovers that his parents have left town and his sister is left to take care of him. She demands that he makes her breakfast, but Josh refuses. After some arguing, Josh overpowers her and leaves their house. Josh’s sister is disgusted.

    Josh heads into town and after a few shots establishing what the town is like (dirty and grimy) Josh comes upon a street magician. Clearly inspired by the idea, Josh finds a wooden board and some mud and “paints” “Street Magician” on it and sets it up across the street from the other magician. While painting the board, Josh talks to himself about how he hopes that bringing in some money will get his parents to love him.

    The opposing magician is obviously annoyed, so the two try to out-do each other until Josh finally reveals his ability to the growing crowd. At this point, all the crowd throws money into Josh’s cup and they applaud. The other magician, in disgust, kicks over his stand. A figure in the shadows (Rasputin) leaves the area.

    That evening, Josh is in his dining room eating something when there is a knock on the door. His parents still aren’t home. Josh’s sister answers it. A soldier is there, asking for Josh. She says that he can take the brat away. And so Josh reluctantly leaves the house (because he has no idea why the soldier wants him) and heads toward the castle.

    In the castle, Josh is introduced to the King. Next to the King is Rasputin and a knight (Dash). The King explains why he wants Josh to be here. He reveals that Rasputin reported his powers to the King and that they might be the type of thing the King needs. He says that his royal thief, Edward, was captured while on a mission by a large group of monsters and that he needs him back immediately because another kingdom might go to war with the King’s kingdom and he needs valuable information on the other kingdom.

    The King says that he will give Josh anything he wants if he brings Edward back. Josh, hoping to get money to buy his parents’ love, accepts immediately.

    The King explains that he won’t be going on this mission alone. Joining him will be Rasputin, introduced by the king, followed by a friendly “greetings” from Rasputin. The King goes to introduce Dash, but interrupts the King by cockily saying, “Dash the heroic knight, here to serve the King and save the country.”

    After giving Josh some basic guidelines (go here, Edward should be in a jail, bring him back without making any stops) he tells him to meet Dash and Rasputin outside the castle in the morning before they depart.

    The next morning, they leave the kingdom and go on their journey.

    ACT II – The Adventure:

    Before traveling too far, Josh and his group stop at a small village (and I mean small) to get some food. They end up talking about themselves. Josh talks about his farm life (leaving out the parts concerning his abusive family), Rasputin talks very little, only mentioning that he lives with the King and it gets lonely (leaving out that he is a recluse) and Dash brags about his acts of heroism, which really aren’t so great.

    Then they go on their way.

    Now, the film switches over to the perspective of Edward, who is sitting in a jail cell in a cavern. He is alone until a female skeleton, Jesse, comes over and talks to him. She gives him a small amount of food and makes some small conversation before leaving. Edward makes some sarcastic remarks. Using a bone from his chicken, Edward tries to pick the lock on his cell’s gate, but a guard catches him and takes it away from him, and then mocks Edward, which only increases Edward’s determination.

    Back to Josh and co.’s perspective, they are now in a forest. They come across a small group of monsters who run away, the group chases them, and then after a small fight, they are defeated. Rasputin comments that that must mean they are on the right way.

    After a musical montage of some things they did following that, they come across a dragon’s cave during the evening. The dragon is sleeping at the edge of its cave. The group tries to sneak past, but the beast wakes up.

    The group fights the dragon. The dragon never flies, sticking to ground combat. The three use their abilities to fight it (Josh sends rocks flying at it, Dash uses a sword, while Rasputin directs them to weak spots). At one point, Josh becomes trapped under one of his own boulders, and the dragon goes to crush him. Rasputin is yelling at Dash and telling him to do something, but Dash is too frightened. Josh finally manages to get the boulder off of himself and throw it on top of the dragon, finally knocking it unconscious. The three go further into the woods and settle for the night.

    Here, Rasputin confronts Dash about what happened back in the battle. Rasputin believes that Dash, being a knight, should’ve done something, but Dash said Rasputin should’ve done something himself. Josh finally quiets them both down and goes to sit down somewhere else.

    Rasputin falls asleep fast, but Dash and Josh can’t fall asleep. They end up talking. Dash reveals to Josh that Dash has self-esteem issues, and only brags about his small acts of kindness to make himself fell better, and that he isn’t a really good knight at all. Josh encourages him to do better. They fall asleep.

    The next day, the group finally reaches an abandoned settlement. In the center of it is a tunnel heading down into the monsters’ cavern. They go in.

    Switching back to Edward’s point of view, Edward is sitting in his cell. Jesse comes up to the cell again and says how she’s really enjoyed their conversations the past week. Edward sarcastically says “Me too,” and then asks Jesse why she’s a skeleton, and Jesse tells him the story of the ancient pact and the curse, explained in Jesse’s character description. Jesse lets him out of the cell. Edward is shocked, but before he leaves, she says, “You know, Ed, I kind of…like you, you know, a lot.” Edward is disgusted and runs away, leaving Jesse sad and depressed.

    Back to Josh, Josh and his gang stealthily move through the caverns, having to confront the monsters very few times. Eventually they find Edward meandering through the cavern. The group is excited to have found Edward, but Edward is kind of blasé about it. They are quickly detected by the monsters and try to fight their way out of the cavern, and soon they reach a large room with a ton of monsters in it. The Queen is on a raised platform and says that they’ll never leave alive, and that they will be hunted until Edward is returned to her. They refuse to give up, and fight their way through the room, barely making it out alive. They just run away at this point.

    They reach the last tunnel before the exit. Hundreds of monsters are behind them, unseen, only their voices letting the viewer know they’re there. Dash tells the group to run ahead, and he’ll hold off the monsters. Josh refuses to let that happen, and Dash replies, “What kind of knight would I be if I let you die? I’m a knight, a hero. And if I have that title, I need to live up to it.” Josh nods and understands that Dash needs to do this for himself. Josh, Rasputin and Edward run away while Dash stays to hold the monsters off.

    The monsters come running at Dash, who begins fighting him. He holds them off for a bit, but is then overpowered. His fate is left unknown, but it is strongly implied that he dies here.

    The monsters finally exit the cavern to see nobody around. Dash bought them just enough time to escape.

    Back in the caverns, one of the Queen’s monsters reports to her that the group has gotten away. She tells him to release the “Hunters,” because if they don’t, they’ll never be able to use Edward to retrieve the Ancient Emblem, an object that will give its holder unlimited strength. It was theirs, until it was stolen by Castleton’s rival kingdom (the same one considering going to war with Castleton.)

    Rasputin feels horrible about what he said to Dash. “And the worse part is, he might never know I’m sorry.” Josh tries to make him feel better, but nothing works.

    On the way back, the group of three runs into three enforcers, one at a time. They are powerful and hard to defeat, but they defeat each one. Rasputin also opens up to Josh about him being reclusive, and Rasputin starts to become more fatherly to Josh. They finally make it back home.

    When the King finally sees the thief, he is very, very pleased, but is dismayed to know that Dash didn’t make it back. The King is then alerted that they are being attacked by a large group of monsters.

    ACT III – The Battle:

    The King quickly deploys all of his soldiers onto the battlefield. Josh willingly heads out into battle along with Rasputin. Edward says that he will help his own way.

    The battle scene. There are several shots of the soldiers and monsters fighting, each showing different parts of the battle, which takes place in an open field outside Castleton. There are also many shots focusing on Josh using his matter manipulation powers to defeat enemies, Rasputin using tricks and a small dagger to defeat enemies, and Edward, who crawls underground a pull enemies under. Castleton is losing the battle.

    At one point, Edward comes above ground and is spotted by Jesse. A nearby monster goes to attack Edward, but Jesse attacks the monster and defeats him. She then turns on the monsters, seeing this as a perfect time to overthrow the Queen. The other skeletons follow her lead. With the help of the skeletons, the army is quickly being defeated. The Queen is distraught.

    Josh runs towards the Queen and then splits open the earth beneath her, making her fall into a deep pit.

    The monsters witness this event, and run away. Within seconds, the skeletons turn back into humans. Edward, in shock that Jesse saved his life after he was so mean to her, confronts her and says, “Jesse…I’m sorry.” They look into each other’s eyes.

    The King congratulates Josh on a job well done. When asked what he wants, Josh replies nothing. He found everything he wanted on his adventure. Bravery, forgiveness and love. Rasputin becomes the father of Josh.

    The end.

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    Can we please keep this thread for applications only? I’ll make a separate thread for discussion on animation but keep this one for applications only.


    Please, only put applications in this thread. Keep everything else in the animation discussion thread.

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    Right, here is my application.

    <a href="http:// … annel_page “> … annel_page

    2 tests on walking and arm movment. I know there is some light flicker and the camera moving but I just wanted to test the animation. About the light change, it is because I wanted to test weather diffrent times of the day affect a brickfilm. Apparently, yes.

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    Ok, here’s my application: It’s just a series of tests.

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    umm, here is a sorta application. although i am not too proud of this work, it is an okay thing. (i will edit this post with a better entry when i get my studio set up again):


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    alright, Heres my new application … GsOIDMbkKU
    its my first time doing 15 fps but i think i did ok

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    Can i apply???
    It will really help me if i have this job

    Mod Edit: Yes you can. If you read the first post, you will see this is supposed to be limited to applications only, not questions/conversations. Apply by giving a link to one of your videos/clips. -BrickLord

    YES SIR! I think i have 1.. but it’s not for youtube… how am I supposed to show you if i don’t have a url code or youtube code for it???

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    Here’s my application. It’s only the start of the film but I’ll post another link when it’s done.

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