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    Okay, we’re making really good progress, guys. We have a lot of the plot finished, so the only things left (I think) are the content of Point C, which is when Josh and his gang travel from Castleton to the lair of the monsters, what happens when he travels back to Castleton, and the big battle.

    What should happen at Point C? If there’s anything that you’d like to see in this film that wouldn’t fit anywhere else, and has no effect on the overall plot, post it for Point C!

    As I mentioned somewhere else, I think they should fight a dragon. Maybe they encounter some treacherous robbers.

    What kind of monsters should be sent to attack Josh on his way back to Castleton? What should happen during these fights?

    I think just normal monsters that are quick and agile. They attack one at a time, but they are a force to be reckoned with and cannot be defeated easily. Anything else would be too slow to catch up with Josh and company.

    What should happen during the big battle? If you have ideas for the battle sequence, post them!

    I think there should be some archers and a dragon, but I really think there should just be a ton of LEGO men beating the crap out of each other (it wouldn’t be too violent, of course). We would have a few shots of Josh, Edward, Dash, and Rasputin using their abilities to their advantage, and of course, we’d have the skeletons betraying the Queen.

    Here’s the way things are going to go from this point forward:

    Once we get these points ironed out, I’m going to make another plot summary. Once everyone is happy with that, I’ll work on making a “Rough Draft” of the script. Since this is feature length, I’ll probably require another person to look over my work and maybe write a third or so of the script. But we’ll need to heavily revise it later because I think it’ll show within the script if its written by multiple people. If you’re interested in writing some of the script, send me a PM.

    Once the rough draft of the script is finished, I’ll hand the script over to someone else to add some more humor, because I’m only good at writing slapstick humor, and I’d rather this have smart jokes. This will be the “Humor Draft.”

    Once the humor is added, we’ll send it to a variety of people to check for grammar mistakes, plot screw-ups, etc., to make sure everything in the script makes sense. Once that’s done, the Humor Draft will have become the “Script.” (I’m giving each phase of the scripting process a different name to keep it clean.)

    Once we have the script finished, I guess we’ll move on to whatever comes next….

    I don’t know how long this will take, but I know that it won’t be done by Easter. Maybe May, if we’re lucky. June at the latest.

    So, let’s finish up the final Discussion Points!

    EDIT: And even if this CP does fall apart at some point or another, won’t it be impressive to say that you helped write a feature length script? 😀

    And also, if you are going to apply to become a writer, I’d like you to send a sample of your work with your application, as well as why you’d like to be a writer, what makes you qualified, etc.



    For the battle, I think it should go back and forth between sides, with each side getting an advantage that is quickly lost, like a dragon that come in for the Queen’s army, but then another dragon comes thats good and fights for the goos guys. Of, there would be a ton of people beating the crap out of each other, but would it be LOTR scale, or smaller? Nad if smaller, how much smaller?



    Sounds good from what I can gather, just keep in mind about little kiddies when writing in violence.



    “badgerboy” wrote: and the other skeletons quickly follow. Soon, with the help of the skeletons, the Queen’s army is defeated.

    Um? hate to rehash. but… WHY? why on earth would all of the skeltons turn on the ‘queen’? there just going to give everything up because of what? they saw one female skelton doing it? IF she jumped off a bridge…

    U see my point? there really is NO reason for all of them to switch sides. there is a reason for HER to switch sides. but we need to come up with a reason for all of them to switch sides.

    and yes I understand that this movie is for a wide ranging audiance. but, really, that needs to make sense to everybody. cause the little kids would say “well, they turned becuase they wanted to help their friend jesse defeat the evil queen woman who was killing edward”. but we all know that the other skeltons (realistically) wouldnt care about the fact that jesse is doing her own privite revolt.

    So basically what Im saying is we need to come up with a ‘reasonable’ reason.



    Perhaps they never liked the Queen from the start, and they had secretly been planning amongst themselves to rebel against her. So they just take advantage of the battle to finnaly turn on her.



    Actually, if you remembered earlier, we established that the skeletons hate the Queen because of a curse she put on them, which makes them skeletons instead of humans, and they feel the only way to survive is to work for her. That is, until, Jesse betrays the Queen and then the rest decide to go along with her so they can be free.

    EDIT: Oh, and it dawned on me today that this is going to be a 60+ page script, so chances are I’ll need more than one person to help me write it.



    “badgerboy” wrote: Oh, and it dawned on me today that this is going to be a 60+ page script, so chances are I’ll need more than one person to help me write it.



    “badgerboy” wrote: Actually, if you remembered earlier, we established that the skeletons hate the Queen because of a curse she put on them.

    oh… missed that. (dont know how). K, well that will work.



    I think it shouldn’t end happily ever after. we shoyld add something at the end to suggest a posible sequel, or that they have more adventures.

    I thought long and hard about this part.



    Badger, do you have that summery of the plot and time estimates?

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