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    I’ll try to. I’ll probaly post it around 9 pm EST, if I can get on the computer, if not, I’ll post it at school the next day.

    Perhaps, and this is just an idea with scripting, I coukld script the battle cesnes in a stroyboard like fashion, though I have no figres that would fit the theme, I caould always use my pirate swords and lightsabers as represenative



    I’ll have to post it tommorow, got too much homework tonight, and I’m doing the homework, and surfing the web simultaneously, it’s not just an excuse.

    Be up tonight



    Setting: A cold, dark room, filled with mist, sword on wall

    Characters: Jasen: A teenage Jedi Apprentice, present at destruction of Elxmri
    Hrothgr: 14 year old Bothan, Jasen’s best friend

    Jasen standing in middle of room, Hrothgr walks in
    Hrothgr: Stops a few feet away from Jasen What are you doing here, Jasen? Points at Jasen You’re needed in the debriefing room. You’re the only one wh-!
    Jasen: angrily Do you think I want to remember? Remember that horrid site?! I could do nothing as I watched millions of people die. Do you think I wanted to see that?!
    Hrothgr: Trying to calm Jasen down No, I don’t, but we need a total account of what happe-
    Jasen: I could do nothing. angrily NOTHING! Raises hands in to air, lightning shoots out from finger tops and spreads around room, yells
    Hrothgr: horrified What- are- you? Falls on ground A- a si- A Sith? dies
    Jasen: in shock What have I done? I killed my best friend! I must leave, and train for the day I will protect this galaxy, only this time, I’ll fight on the dark side. leaves room

    The sword was a left in prop from an earlier draft



    How we doing in the scripting department?



    Umm, not very far, I haven’t been asigned anything to write, I’ve been waiting for badger to tell me what to do. Still waiting…



    You will probably be waiting longer. As I said in the other thread, I’m still thinking over what I should do with the script.

    “I” wrote: It still hasn’t been started, but that’s because I’m thinking of what I’m going to do about it because, to be honest, I wasn’t entirely pleased with the script submissions (sorry guys).



    I couldn’t think of anything to write, so it sucked, I know.



    This is not good. We need to get a move on, how many do we have on the script writing team?

    And badger, if you need/want more people I’ll help out. Just send me an audition scene so you can see if I’m not too funny enough.

    We seriously need to get our behinds into gear.



    Two people won’t be able to write this script. If you guys would like to try again, send me another one, but I don’t want to start the script with writers who appear to be lower than the standard I want.

    And Doc, you can just send me your best screenplay, or a part of it.

    I’m going to try to recruit more people from BiM again for the script.



    Will do, but it is a comedy but hey 😛

Viewing 10 posts - 51 through 60 (of 81 total)

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