Too Old for Brickfilms?

Hi, I have been brickfilming when I was a lot younger, about 14, 15. Currently I just turned 18. I have school, work out, nice friends, and some free time on my hand (especially this summer). I was wondering if it is already to late to get back into this? Are some members here older or as old as me or am I already to old for this kind of thing. I was always interested in filmography and history, although I am getting into chemistry in real life so this is the only experience I will have with my interest. I felt this is one of the greatest ways of making cheap and effective (AND FUN) movies. Anyways great forums! And please provide your thoughts regarding this subject. This could also be a discussion of lego as a hobby, and it's seriousness, self-actualization, or nostalgia that it yields.