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    Lews Therin

    1. Rise of the Empire
    2. MOTFADWEWAR Oh, now THAT was just crude
    3. Game II That’s not a poochie! It’s some sort or demon…hampster…thing.
    4. MOTBOB
    5. Christmas w/ Bluntman

    See a pattern?



    1. OOT
    2. good company redux
    3. falling out
    4. any blunt film
    5. poc wwos


    Drunken Farmer Ben

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    The Janitor

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    Mr. Less

    1. ROTE
    2. Prayer of Rabia
    3. Any Bluntfilm
    4. You only lego twice
    Tied for 5
    Dominus Poenae
    The Gauntlet



    In no particular order:

    ROTE – No surprise for the people who saw my promo. The animation and effects are unequalled in brickfilms (IMHO).
    Falling Out – A fantastic debut. Classic Looney Tunes style escalating grudge story.
    Also Thwacked Zarathustra – Pure class, with monkeys!
    The Mollusk – Not the best animation in the world (sorry Greg), but some great ideas. I can’t hear the song now without picturing the marching band on that rotating podium thingy.
    Any Bluntmation – I’m not going to pick an individual film. If I had to, it would be one of the following: Samurai, the Xmas special, The Game, the Clocktower trilogy and Guard.

    Runners up include Russell, The Ride (“Three if by dragon”), A New Computer, The Gauntlet, ACCIB, You Only Lego Twice, and many, many more.

    And finally, I just have to say that I’m really chuffed to see OOT in people’s lists. I love you guys. *sniff*



    These are also in no particulair order

    Twelve bucks
    Big Night out
    Sector 7
    The Great train robery
    The Barber of Seville



    🙂 Well, not to be all goodie goodie or anything but i think they’re all great in there own way. Sure there are some stinkos but all have a kind of potential. But if I had to pick favs they would be:

    In Order:
    1) Rise of the Empire (my all time fav, love the FX)
    2) The Gauntlet (Really great! love the camera angles)
    3) Sector 7 (Go Star Wars!)
    4) Out of Time (cool!)
    5) Alone (spooky!)

Viewing 8 posts - 11 through 18 (of 18 total)

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