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    Zero Tolerance©

    I think I have about 100 boxes or more, those are not the cardbord boxes but the sets I have.

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    Yolegoman, in response to Jareds answer.

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    Regarding question 1: a good way to estimate the size of your collection, is to construct a list of all sets you own and enter it at Peeron. This will enable you to see the number of parts, minifigs, the MISB price you may have paid, etc. Another cool feature is, that it answers the question `given the pieces I own, can I build this set?’

    By the way, if you’re already a Lugnet member, you can download the list you constructed there automatically!

    *sigh* I’d better get started digging up instructions and entering set numbers…


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    Brick Witch

    1. About how 4-5 boxes.

    2. I am female đŸ˜€

    3. No Clue.

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    Brick Witch

    1. About how 4-5 boxes.

    2. I am female đŸ˜€

    3. No Clue.

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    She’s there ! The only one female in the BF forum… đŸ˜†
    Have you done a movie yet, Brick Witch ?
    Usually female directors produce very interesting movies.
    In France, we have a fairly amount of “directresses”.

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    Wow! You guys have a lot of lego!

    Brickwitch, hello. I have never met you before on brickfilms!

    PS: I might be on Street Cents

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    1: One bin that’s 12 inches long 8 inches wide and 8 inches tall. How tiny
    :( Then I have a HUGE Rubbermade tub filled with bulit sets (which are too precious to disassemble :roll)

    2: Brick Witch and, uh… Is she it? I’d like to see a movie from a female director!

    3: I have no idea. But it’s so great there is a free place to put MOCs.

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    1. well if you count each brick by it self then about 4,000 ive only been collecting for 1 year and other then brickfilming …….i did not like them untill i got into brickfilming….which was 2 years ago…and i have only been collecting for 1 year so……im still buying… im not female no idea…

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    “supernerd23” wrote: In addition to the LEGO represented in these pics I also have four of the huge Rubbermaid tubs (20 gallons?) in the attic with sets I haven’t had a chance to open yet.

    Sets you haven’t had a chance to open!!?!??

    My collection fits into a box just over a cubic foot. I can see I have some catching up to do.

Viewing 10 posts - 11 through 20 (of 21 total)

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