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    Whoa Whoa Whoa, Hold on. Since when did Brickfilms turn into a Lovey Dubby Happy Tree Friends place?

    There is no rule saying that TracerBullet cannot make a film that has blood, violence, or gore.

    No, there is no such thing as too much gore. Let the
    gibs fly!



    this was from an email I recieved from jason 2 years ago when I asked him about violence. So TracerBullet you are just fine with your film, continue making it (if you wish) Everyone is entitled to their opinions, But when people **COUGH IndyA COUGH** State that making violent films drops the moral of a lego, is Strictly opion and not fact..

    I am sorry but I can’t go all day watching Care Bears and My little Ponies without a good Steven Segal film, or a Transformer (the Original!) episode.

    And I have one more thing to add on to this discussion, Indy you like Indiana Jones right?? Of Course thats why you picked that name, so why do you find it Horrible to watch a lego movie with “off screen” and I say again “off screen” violence when in the Indy Films We watch Nazi’s Faces being melted in front of us? Oh wait I guess you fast forward those parts don’t you? But, if not… I ask again, whats the problem?



    Hey, I liked that movie 😀 The music fits very good in my opinion. The lighting was just PERFECT. Keep up the good work! 🙂



    “IndyA” wrote: someone who has so much hate in them to make a film like this must be evil too…….

    Yikes! We’re talking about brickfilms here, right? Like, little plastic people with yellow heads? Let’s save acusations of evilness for more appropriate venues. Like international politics… :wink

    I thought this film looked great! Not a whole lot of content, but what you do get to see is awesome. I would love to watch a proper length film with this visual quality, regardless of the subject, just as long as it isn’t incredibly boring. I have a feeling that if you do extend this film, being boring won’t be much of a problem.



    That was scary! But pretty well done!!!



    I would watch it but all I see is blackness. Anyone can help? Lol, I agree. All I heard was the music. Nice fluffy kindergarden music. Then I heard someone with a machine gun killing everyone! Screaming! Did you pick that music, to give it that sort of happy evil clown feeling?



    Actually, the killer goes into a convenience store, rather than a bank. That doesn’t really change anything Stefan said about the film, but it adds a little more senselessness to the killing, as there’s no vault to rob. I certainly agree that the terms ‘evil’ and ‘extreme violence’ don’t really apply, especially since the only view of the violence you get is the flashing through the windows.

    I just noticed that the two sale signs said “Beer $50” and “Cow $5.” Those are hillarious! They make no sense! I also noticed the light on the sliding door detector changing colors when it detects the killer. Little details like that can add so much to a film. The wanted sign is also great, except that the dollar sign (or Peso sign, or whatever, this thing: $) comes after the 500.



    “IndyA” wrote: Well it seemed good animation…but if you are talking plot it was ussless viloence in a short film. A short film should be fun and cool. I always thought of curses and violence in a lego film to be profound and utterly un usefull. I try to use not that much violence in my films, but that was just reckless, it makes me well…. have a bad first impression on you. The film was reckless and violent a shooting is a bad awaful topic….not something to be fooled with…..i feel as this is….polluting the films….as bad……(violent) lego films are ment to be fun and cool…not scary,evil,profound,sign of death,recklessness, hatred….this film has all of this……it kind of dissapointed me. But welcome..or maybe..unwelcome..maybe just something a little less violent…such as….the game part 1…..something like that…this is the kind of stuff i am afraid of happening in real life.. someone who has so much hate in them to make a film like this must be evil too…….
    IndyA 😮

    Dude, William Burroughs can get away with this kind of thing. I’m afraid you can’t.

    (edit) Also, The Game pt 1 has no violence at all. Pt 2 has a cuddly toy eating a minifig – I guess that’s what you mean. I don’t remember you complaining about Good Company, which was a good deal more creepy and disturbing than this.

    For what it’s worth, I thought it was a well animated, very short film that could have done with a bit more in the way of story. It kind of feels like the first scene of something longer. (Maybe it is – I haven’t read to the end of the thread yet)

    Fantastic use of implied violence, BTW. Very stylish and effective.


    The Janitor

    Hmmmm…perhaps I’m a little slow…but I just noticed that the duration of the film is 24 seconds, while the title shows that the store is open 24 hours. This little flick is just loaded with such details, be they intentional or not.



    It was late and i knocked my self out… was good! i liked it….things make a diffrent apperance on me when i look at them at night…..



    I’m not against violence in a movie. I didn’t like this one mostly because the shooting was the only thing that really happened, and it’s sooo short, we don’t even find out why he did it.


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