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    Evil? Disturbed mind? Extreme violence? I’m beginning to wonder if the people above have seen the same film as I have, as I have seen nothing that justifies these qualifications. The film-maker is perfectly normal, as far as I can tell.

    *** spoilers ***

    I saw a bad guy, with a price on his head, entering a bank and robbing it. Perfectly normal material for any film, and not uncommon for Brickfilms either.

    As far as I can tell, there’s two aspects about your film that may have caused the reactions as seen above. First, there’s the relatively smooth animation, good lighting, overall great camerawork and the well-chosen light effects when the robber is in the bank. Second, and probably more important, there’s a carefully assembled soundtrack to go with these visuals.

    *** end spoilers, start of teaser text to read spoilers anyway ***

    If you keep these two elements to your current level, and work on a complete film, it will be most enjoyable! The basis is there, I wish you good luck on working from there!

    Welcome to the Brickfilms website, forum and community! Please enjoy your stay!


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    I would watch it but all I see is blackness. Anyone can help? Lol, I agree. All I heard was the music. Nice fluffy kindergarden music. Then I heard someone with a machine gun killing everyone! Screaming! Did you pick that music, to give it that sort of happy evil clown feeling?

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    That was scary! But pretty well done!!!

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    “IndyA” wrote: someone who has so much hate in them to make a film like this must be evil too…….

    Yikes! We’re talking about brickfilms here, right? Like, little plastic people with yellow heads? Let’s save acusations of evilness for more appropriate venues. Like international politics… :wink

    I thought this film looked great! Not a whole lot of content, but what you do get to see is awesome. I would love to watch a proper length film with this visual quality, regardless of the subject, just as long as it isn’t incredibly boring. I have a feeling that if you do extend this film, being boring won’t be much of a problem.

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    Hey, I liked that movie 😀 The music fits very good in my opinion. The lighting was just PERFECT. Keep up the good work! :)

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    Whoa Whoa Whoa, Hold on. Since when did Brickfilms turn into a Lovey Dubby Happy Tree Friends place?

    There is no rule saying that TracerBullet cannot make a film that has blood, violence, or gore.

    No, there is no such thing as too much gore. Let the
    gibs fly!



    this was from an email I recieved from jason 2 years ago when I asked him about violence. So TracerBullet you are just fine with your film, continue making it (if you wish) Everyone is entitled to their opinions, But when people **COUGH IndyA COUGH** State that making violent films drops the moral of a lego, is Strictly opion and not fact..

    I am sorry but I can’t go all day watching Care Bears and My little Ponies without a good Steven Segal film, or a Transformer (the Original!) episode.

    And I have one more thing to add on to this discussion, Indy you like Indiana Jones right?? Of Course thats why you picked that name, so why do you find it Horrible to watch a lego movie with “off screen” and I say again “off screen” violence when in the Indy Films We watch Nazi’s Faces being melted in front of us? Oh wait I guess you fast forward those parts don’t you? But, if not… I ask again, whats the problem?

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    well. after all those suggestions
    i made a few more scenes

    in which he doesnt kill anyone..

    When is the electrician going to fix that light??

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    Well… The animation was very smooth. And the rest was just, well, twisted.


    The music made it seem like it was going to be a friendly little movie, but then the guy goes inside and kills everyone :shake And next time, don’t use so many fades. You are a great animator, but you just need to think of a nice non violent plot!

    *End Spoilers*


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    Well it seemed good animation…but if you are talking plot it was very short and basic…goodjob! :)
    IndyA 😮

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    The Janitor

    As pointlessly violent as that was, the image quality, lighting, and sets were all very nice. The animation was fine too. I also liked the choice of music.

    Very well done for a first film. I hope to see more, longer films from you.

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