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    I enjoyed this vignette as it stands but it seems a lot of people are poking for a complete film. I will tell you this: Do what you want. If you make a dozen of these, give it a name and leave it at that.

    Your visual eye is very accurate, as already noted. The lights in the window and sinking of my gut were instantaneous. This is a complete short with a solid ending.

    Who believes all questions should not be answered.


    Drunken Farmer Ben

    “motfilms” wrote: you just need to think of a nice non violent plot!

    I am proof you can make many movies, and not stray from violence once…wow, Im sounding a bit too proud:oops: The happy music gives it a nice twist. Sadly, man is twisted, and the music works well with it. I agree with flash it was to short. Its to late now, but maybe a chase/shootout/standoff between police? From the animation I saw, it was very nice. Keep everything like that, and you’ll be in business.



    Answer 1: Why the film was too short. I completed this on the weekend, and was more of an experiment to see how i could manipulate the footage i took with the camera, instead of creating a story. So, i tried different sequences, and so ended up with this (im afraid) short and (perhaps) sick and twisted film.

    Answer 2: thankyou for your comments on my visual clarity. I use a 4 megapixel Olympus cam 😛 Perhaps thats why. Also, Lighting wasn’t very constant, (have you noticed that during a shot, the sun moves behinds clouds etc. which changes the amount of light in the room, which then affects the animation.)
    Im thinking about getting curtains for this room, we don’t have any yet, and then using artificial lighting.

    Answer 3: The music is taken from the cowboy bebop the movie soundtrack. I was meaning to make something to go in time with the music, and only just remembered this song when i was editing the film

    Answer 4: Yes, i did encode the movies with Divx, i dislike encoding them into mpeg, which i absolutely loathe. because of the size/picture quality. Divx gives a good compromise.
    This site should take on a more uniform approach to encoding the movies.



    “RevMen” wrote:
    I just noticed that the two sale signs said “Beer $50” and “Cow $5.” Those are hillarious! They make no sense! I also noticed the light on the sliding door detector changing colors when it detects the killer. Little details like that can add so much to a film.

    Im glad you noticed! all the effort wasnt wasted i see!



    That was Hillarious!!
    I just love that smooooooooooooooth animation.Just amazing. 😮



    Well everything is almost said by others.

    I like this quickie, it’s clever done, with some nice picture quality.

    Keep up the good work.



    this movie was nice done. i like the robber kills the peoples in store. you gone make more movie like this? i wanna see more your films. i like the light effect.



    DFB, I said I am not against violence in movies. But in this film the bad guy goes inside the store, kills who knows how many innocent people, and the movie ends right there. 😐 Evil wins. Deathmatch had no good or evil and had just plain brain dead violence. Ok this post makes no sence 😕 Maybe the guy in 24 Hours Open was Drunken Farmer Ben’s brother. 😛




    How do you know he kills innocent people? For all you know, he’s a Dr Richard Kimble type, falsely accused, on the run from the law, etc, who has just walked into a convenience store and foiled a hold up. Does it make the violence more acceptable if he’s killing bad guys? If so, why?

    The more responses I read, the more I like this film 🙂



    Crap, I knew I shouldn’t have posted in this topic at all. Well I guess it’s possible he was a good guy who stopped the hold up, I don’t know. I don’t think it makes the violence more acceptable if he’s killing bad guys, but just from the shortness of the movie, none of these good/evil questions are answered. *Sigh* Ok, the animation, lighting, effects, etc. of the movie were great, but I still don’t like it.


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