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    Bob Page


    The set
    The animation (way better than me)
    The effects

    The song
    The guitar man 😆 there was no guitar use in this song 😆



    Nice music video, and good music!

    What did you use for the snow? It looked so realistic!



    Legotronn: I think you’ve got your definitions a little messed up. It’s not a rap song, it’s electronic music. However, the chanting is pretty repetitous 🙂

    The “guitar man” is really a “bass man” but it’s quite hard to tell the difference. The strings on his guitar are a bit thicker 😛 I guess its hard to hear the bass in the song because of the cutoff in quality. I went to several concerts with Ugress during the production of this music video and they really use a drummer and bass guy live.

    The snow was made using a combination of flour and glitter. We tried several different options, but the best was to lay a thick layer of flour and then sprinkle thin glitter-stuff on top. I also stole my little sister’s “glitter hair spray”. You can imagine the mess afterwards 😆


    Shootin Bricks

    Very nicely done Litervis!
    Excellent work- I would have preferred more story myself, the shots of the band were extremely repititous and the shots of the guy in the snow were lacking, it seemed there should have been more to it. But the animation was great, the sets were cool- especially the snow, though it was a little lumpy in places.

    Overall, this is a great example of animating minifig musicians- I love the music and the video. Well done!



    Wow! That was awesome. Try sending it to the people who made the song. Maybe they will make it a video! Or not….

    That was great!




    Was the darkness done in postproduction? Or did you film with little light?



    Unfoldingmetal: We worked closely with the people who made the song.. You’d known if you’d read the first post.

    As for lighting, it was all done in “real-time”, we worked in a dark room, tweaked a little brightness and contrast on the camera but other than that it as all real. We bought some coloured lamps in IKEA which worked pretty well. As you might have noticed we used a blue lamp for the snow scene and so on. This allowed us a lot of control, but unfortunately the rendering damaged some of the effects that looked better in the original (strobing etc.)

Viewing 7 posts - 11 through 17 (of 17 total)

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