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    Hi Folks,

    Alright, so this is where I’m going to keep my rambles of what I’m doing. Right now, it looks like the chat is up and works – I’m about to post a link to it. Please try it out and tell me what you think. It looks good so far!


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    Awaiting link… :D

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    Ok, the chat definitely works. It’ll take a little tweaking I think, but for right now, enjoy! I’m off to do film database stuff now.


    I cant get the chat to work… :(

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    Chat works great for me. I’m using it right now.

    – Leo

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    The chat is….. Okay, but yeah, it needs some work.

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    Good work so far stephen, glad your no longer using Joomla!

    Can’t wait to see this film directory.


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    Hey, on the message on the front page, It says, “Its Sunday and people are working on the brickfilms site.” It’s Monday now, so do you think you could edit that part out or something?

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    Ok – Update time! We officially have a box. Yes, thats right. A box. But no ordinary box – you can upload videos to the youtube ‘brickfilmspodcast’ channel with it. By the way, for anyone wondering, I did get clarification from the owner in regards to the channel and it does belong to brickfilms.
    So, that was phase one. It also stores the appropriate information in the ‘database’ so that we can have our own rating system like before. Its not very helpful if you are trying to get better at filming to get a ‘one star’ without knowing why, or even if there was a single area that you excelled in! As soon as I can capture other youtube videos that users want to post, we’ll be set to go with the directory itself. Then its just the functionality behind it (rating, review, etc). Bear with me, I’ve got a lot of stuff that needs doin’ over here!

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 136 total)

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