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    I’ll hop on it monday, as well as any other concerns (and of course the couple that came up tonight). Unfortunately I ran out of hours for this weekend 😛



    Wazzup with that thing to the left?

    Looks like a user control panel? It’s like, glitchy cause I can barley see it cause it’s off screen mostly



    Yea, it’d be nice if that was moved to the top, like it is in most forums.

    Doc, if you want to see it, just zoom out temporarily.



    “stephenl” wrote: Err, sorry – I guess we were talking about two different kinds of reviews. In the case that you are probably referring to – yes, the newest ones are first. Like I said though, you’ll get something soon that should take care of all that clutter – the whole thing needs to be redone. I hadn’t anticipated the amount of stuff that went into a film before I started on it 😛

    Have noticed something horrible in the films directory.

    The newest films come on page one.
    This system constantly shifts all films constantly across pages.
    Links may not work as expected! And users could get angry.

    When I get a link to say
    http://www.brickfilms.com/films/directo … page4.html
    That page4 won’t have the same brick films when there are newer films added.
    The films are constantly shifting from one page to another because of the page numbering scheme.

    Please fix this.

    Also mentioned this problem in this threat:

    EDIT: Thank you for fixing.
    There is a little detail left, when pushing on see all films. The site shows page 1 with the oldest films.
    It’s much more interesting to direct to the newest page with the newest films.
    For looking at newer films is the reason most people do see all films probably anyway.



    Ok – here’s a reply to (basically) everything.

    I added a script in to determine your browser window size on load, so if you are running a resolution under 1280 pixels wide, your ‘control panel’ (logout, messages, etc) will be on the top like it was. Otherwise, you’ll get the little bugger on the left that contains all that stuff. The design itself was meant for a minimum of 1024px resolution, but for larger ones we’d like to take advantage of the extra real estate.

    Ok – I put the films in order of the date added. There isn’t any huge guarentee that they’ll stay on the same page, but the older ones will definitely always be first. The reason the newer pages may not stay the same is really only to do with the date it was added.



    Also – could someone tell me who actually owns these films? I’d like to get them registered under the appropriate owner. Especially since I’m about to enable users to edit the film information.

    Breathing Space
    Teleplates of Doom
    Lego Junkyard Scene 1
    The Spinning Door



    Breathing space is Leonardo’s a believe.



    Perfect, thanks. Oh, if you head over to any place OTHER THAN the community section, you should see two links on the left (or top, depending on your resolution). One for your director profile and the other to view your films. You can go in and edit any information on films that you own now. Tags are stripped for saftey’s sake.



    I stll have the bar on the side of my screen that I can’t use while I’m at school on a 4:3 screen, but at home on my widescreen I can see it. can we hust get that moved to the top on a smaller screen?



    Thanks for moving the functions to the top, but it still see some of the bar on the left, so its rather annoying, honestly. I don’t see why it just can’t be removed completely, I’m not sure what purpose it serves because it has the same functions as the one at the top, but its just more to the left.

Viewing 10 posts - 71 through 80 (of 110 total)

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