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    I got the conversion to work about 98% correctly, there were very few topics lost, but I am guessing that can be fixed on my second attempt. I want to get it to at least 99% before I do the real conversion.

    Also the forum will have to go down for at least 8 hrs for this to happen. If everyone wants to vote on when go ahead, just keep in mind I don’t work on the weekends :)

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    Are we going to move the current skin over?

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    Aled Owen

    Well I created one and showed it to Zane, he says there may be another.

    But you’ve got to think about upgrading the site as well as the forums.


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    Keep in mind we’re most active in the weekends. I don’t know how your working times work out, but you might want to start doing it in the late evening (US time). The US is less active at night, and Europeans are less active in the morning.

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    how about afternoons EST?

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    I say go for it. :)

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    I know the skin will be improved, but please tell me that the final version won’t look as plain as the current one. It seems so boring.

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    Agreed. The brick look is classic. Brickfilms just would be Brickfilms without the brick look.

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    See, zane, forum conversion seems to go well, but the whole site depends on phpBB2 code. By upgrading to phpBB3, it basically means a complete re-write of the site, from the way Schlaeps describes it. That’s why he opted not to go upgrade.

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    I really dislike that skin.

    Please move this skin over to that one. It’s not hard. You could at least retain some of the cultural heritage of brickfilms.com

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