Useful tips

Here is some useful tips i wanted to share.


Two desk lamps is nice. If the lightning are too strong, tape a piece of paper in front of the lamp. Turn off the lamps when you don't need them! You don't want to start a fire.


A good story is needed. Start planning some days before you start filming.


Record the sound before you start filming. If you dub your film with Windows Movie Maker, you can't remove noise, and if you do something wrong you have to start over again. Make sure the music you use is royalty free, if not you may do something illegal. Cool sound effects is a plus. If you want to make something cool, ask some others to voice in your movie. One voice is not very good.


It is important that your animation is good. Animate at 15 fps, or more. Remember to move the characters just a little bit for each picture. Use the slow in, slow out technique.


Secure the sets and cameras with tape or sticky tack. If not, the animation will look choppy. But if you like earthquakes, go crazy.


Some capture programs lets the animator use chroma keying (replacing a colour, like green with a pre-made background), some do not. Most video editing software can do that. For muzzle flashes and explosions, you have to export the frames and import them in photoshop/paint.


Some useful links: - Brickfilm site. - I think you know. - Action effects. - Composing and effects software. - Capture software. - Free, open source capture software. - Animation software. - Online Lego market.