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    I know what im talking about.. btw, as for the hacking subject ect ect.. How will these people even KNOW you host it yourself? And, may give you a hint at blocking your IP in the url…

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    Warning to all who use Apache for purposes other than personal testing:

    DON’T DO IT UNLESS ITS ON A COMPUTER DEDICATED AS A SERVER! Also make sure it is secure from the rest of your network. If you host websites from your personal computer, good luck. Hey, nothing may happen. But I think its dumb to do, just because it makes you a SUCKER to hack! So if you’re serving files up from the computer you actually use to read email, store private files, etc., GET SOME SECURITY. It’s also a pain in the arse to set up a firewall in front of a server without blocking incoming traffic! lol


    Oh and Banjo, quit trying to make it look like you know everything there is to know about computers. You’re just bragging, and half the time you don’t even have the slightest clue what you’re talking about.

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    Oops i forgot we’re dealing with movies that are like 10meg :roll i use my host to host forums… i dunno, like 30 :-/

    oh and what does ANYTHING HERE have to do with FREAKING VB SCRIPTS/VIRUSES?

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    or my sound files…..
    my old site on geocities died from bandwidth after 2 hours……

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    Bob Page

    100meg/day isn’t enough to host my movies

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    no i dont bing up on green monster….
    and i never have……and i never will…
    (ps : Who wants to see this all blow up in banjos face?????)
    hes like wat ….12 maybe 14……..
    hey banjo…..

    post a VB script and show me that u can and ill leave you alone……..
    (be sure to post it as a bitmap image so that the system dont try to run it…..
    youve already seen my scripts so……..
    lemme see

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    7 years??? like since you were like 5… i dont think soo…

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    I have a switch.. Btw, i know a little more about this than you, protus or whatever lol :) Trust me, i got my apache and php and mysql and phpmyadmin installed, and localhost/ works like a charm.. but I need a static IP adress to replace the localhost/ so ANYONE else can access it.. the phone DSL it really isnt too much of a phone-thing..

    Just trust me about this: install a server – get static IP – upload things for people to see

    Its also perty easy too :-/ lol… im not stupid

    Then theres my host right now.. 100meg bandwidth per day (ENOUGH FOR MOVIES, TRUST ME), you get nice subdomains :) not the sicking also 50 meg of space.. its also really fast and BARELY down.. in over 2 months its been down a total of 2 hours, im serious. sooo :) lol – its in dutch (wandrer can read it :) lol, i just went to the signup page and since ive been signing up for things for the passed 7 years i KNOW where everything is places

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    Hello Bob,

    Where did you hear about BrickShelf closing down? It’s nowhere on the LUGnet servers.

    I have my doubt about your ‘advice': BrickShelf is about sharing Lego creations, and deleting them will not help. Sure, you can delete stuff that nobody’s going to find interesting ever again, but most pictures can have some use still.

    Disk space is not BrickShelf’s problem. Bandwidth is. But there’s no indication that Kevin Loch will be unable to provide them in the near future.

    I’d like to ask the BrickFest visitors to go and ask Kevin Loch in person about films on BrickShelf. I don’t think we take a large portion of the bandwidth, but you never know.



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    Except that you have to pay for homestead. And Geocities…come on! They shut down your site after ten or so viewings!

    Brickshelf=free=good. It’s slow, but it’s a place for everyone to upload their brickfilms. That’s just good for the community.

    Typing in large text=hugely annoying=lowers your respect.

    Ending short sentences with huge amounts of periods=hard to read=makes DFB think you’re smoking the reefer.

    Cometgreen, reminding you that energy=mass*(speed-of-light*speed-of-light)

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