Video of BrickFest Contest – Folks Still Interested?

This year I managed to tape the BrickFest animation presentation/competition. I tried to tape in such a way to show what was happening onscreen along with the audience. Occasionally I would do a close up on the screen itself.

I've converted each of the five segments to mpeg files that are 15-19 mb in size each. I could throw them out under my TubeVision site for download but I don't want to exceed my daily bandwidth limit (2 GB per Day).

So I thought I'd run them through the DivX mill and compact them but before I do that I thought I'd ask if there's actually any interest in seeing these. No need to make the effort and eat up storage space on the site if no one's going to watch them.

So would folks like to see what it was like there in the room while the videos were being shown?