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    🙁 lol.. Usually movies star around one person.. Maybe even a few.. This movie stars around two teenagers. Name is Violent Manners because that was the origanal name…

    Someone from Kowrama even said it would have been origanal, on the old forum, when i deleted it.. Now you are saying, NO! BTW, I’m not asking people if they like what the movie is about.. That was a trailor.. T…R…A…I…L…O…R! Not a feature movie! And I was asking more about, was it good, the animation and all.. Not, do you think the movie will be cool. Some people make me feel bad when they say this stuff when Im not asking for it!

    BTW, there is a plot. If you saw my old, old Violent Manners made with the lego cam and all, you’d see it had a plot.. I’m planning to give this a plot too.. How the hell do I animate violence in a movie with no plot. Im serious..



    I didn’t get to the link before you replaced the music with RATM. What song were you using before?

    I like the buildings in the background, where do they come from?



    Finally, someone who gives me feedback on the film! Before, I was using Eminem: Kill You. At first I seriously didnt know what song it was until I finished exporting and all.. Then I saw what it was.. I posted it here anyway, not wanting to edit it again because I was a little too lazy, and then when I got those two posts way above, I immediatly changed it. I dont want people thinking my films are innapropraite..

    As goes for the background buildings. It’s just one of the backdrops that comes with Lego Studios..



    you wan’t feedback? sure, here’s an indepth scene by scene review….

    all IMHO ofcourse.

    … remember my comments in THIS thread?
    to boil it down, the point I was trying to make is that having the snazziest camera/hardware etc is pointless unless you know how to use it properly, and be able to actually tell a story properly.

    why am I bringing this up again? ……….. because this “trailor” is a perfect example for me to point out the opposite end of the spectrum.

    ***spoilers ahead – atleast they WOULD be spoilers if this thing wasn’t already so rotten, this thing can’t spoil any further ***********

    The image quality was fantastic – but that takes no skill, that’s just having nice hardware.
    The actual movie was, well, bad. infact it was terrible, for someone who had been brickfilming for almost a year, “Banjo” sure hasn’t learned much (and you’d think he’d have learned SOMETHING from STEALING and COPYING other peoples work over and over!)

    the first actual shot we see (after we wade through the 18 seconds of text that I suppose “banjo” thinks constitutes a “plot”) is HORRIBLY MARRED by a complete LACK of attention to lighting… see that massive white hot reflection in the upper right hand side – pathetic.

    a car rolls in – jerkily – and the camera jitters in what is either the worlds shortest pan – or just laziness in not wanting to reshoot a scene where he bumped the camera.

    and the “road” (I’m GUESSING that’s what that grey baseplate is plopped ontop of the green baseplate for) is so poorly secured it actually bends, flexes and moves vertically as the cars drive by (so who’s up for filing a lawsuit against the lazy council workers? – that road surely isn’t safe)

    then another cinematic no no… a jump cut that shares 1/4 of the same view that the shot before it had – a PAN would have been more appropreate OR a new POV from the camera. VERY poor techniuque.
    poorly planned shots, poorly executed.

    then the suit-guy walks onto the “road” in the worst walk cycle ever, for no apparant reason, other than to get into line of sight of the person holding the loaded gun. them bows???? wha????

    then more poorly chosen and edited jump cuts? why? who cares. if it was intime with the music I could understand why… but it’s NOT so it just looks stupid.

    the gun fires and the guy is laying down on his back BEFORE we see the bullet hit and “blood” “spurt” out of him? did he get tired during the crappy multi POV jumpcuts? – did he need a lay down?

    and suddenly an EARTHQUAKE hits as the focus depth is changed – poorly – oh wait, it’s not an earthquake, is more camera bumping.

    shooting the “cameraman” wow neat excuse for your horrible habbit of not being able to keep the camera still.

    then the guy-in-black has a little green block that explodes (???) right in his face and, does NOTHING to him – more alamDV wankage here.

    the whole thing is so poorly framed it’s mind numbing – statistically speaking, you should have atleast ACIDENTALLY had one shot that was blocked in a sensable fashion – I guess you’re the exeption.

    pure trash – I don’t know why you even try – it’s apprant that you have ZERO natural talent for this stuff – and if you were capable of LEARNING it, you would have done so by now.

    as far as this being a


    you kinda missed the point – it just looked like one poorly edited scene – a


    is much more than that. I’m not going to explain why, because honestly, I feel quite disgusted I’ve spent this much time already talking about your crap.



    Sorrry then… Im feeling that I should have a mod lock this thread because of the negative feedback I was getting…. so……… you know what, this may be good for some of you, but ive stopped my brickfilming career. Stopped it pretty much completely. I’ll still make comments and visit here, maybe daily, but I dont care. You hate my movies, I dont care. I dont post my movies because I like them. It’s to make the audience (you guys) enjoy them. So you didnt enjoy it, no more films.

    $&*^()# you all except the few that supported me, because of what you did.



    I did not like the film either. But the violence instilled zeal in my heart. It made me think of the good old days when i was a young pirate



    “Jacopo” wrote: I did not like the film either. But the violence instilled zeal in my heart. It made me think of the good old days when i was a young pirate

    Hello Belagio! Whats up?

    Made any films yet?

    Banjo, I will watch it again without the cursing and give you a ‘view later.




    what? who? who’s this Belagio. I have no idea what you are talkin about. I am my own person. You can even ask Jason to look at ips. Im not belagio whoever he is.



    “Bluntman” wrote: I’m not going to explain why, because honestly, I feel quite disgusted I’ve spent this much time already talking about your crap.

    :shake That was not nice 🙁 really not nice. We cannot all be as good as you Bluntman, even me, I still have some difficulty with lightning 😕



    Well my review, I think it was good for a TEASER, my advice would be to make the trailer only when you have finish the filming of the movie 🙂

    Bob Page

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