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    I need some voice actors for an upcoming stop motion. It won’t be anything to lengthy (couple of lines) and i will give credit to whoever does it. I haven’t made the stop motion yet but it will be made soon.

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    I could give it a shot if you haven’t found actors yet.

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    ok awesome, I’m still planning at the moment but I should be done in the next week.

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    I’ll do it, but i would like to know what the plot is.

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    OK, planning is nearly finished, I’m still composing the lines, I will need two different voices though. Thanks for helping. :)

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    Cool! Let me know if you would like me to help.

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    Have either of you done voice acting before? (I have started collecting footage for video, should be done in about a month)

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    I have done voice acting in a couple different brickfilms, unfortunately most of them never got posted.

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    I can be one of the voices! I am a male. Tell me when you’re ready!

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    I have nearly finished the editing, should be no more than a week or two until its finished. There are two different voices I need, they need to be the same accent (I can’t have an English person talking to an American) purely for continuity. One role is a scientist, the other is his friend. If anyone wants to take one of the roles it will be much appreciated.

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