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    Actually, there is no reward. I just did that because 1) Nobody barely reads my topics and 2) I NEED some actors. 😕
    Here are the roles: Jonny(Needs a small southern accent, medium pitched), Bill(American accent, low pitched), Mark(small Mexican accent, medium pitched), Cop(British accent, low pitch), and Narrator(American accent, medium pitched, must be able to say all words clearly)
    If you are interested in voice acting, email me at crossroadproductions@yahoo.com. If your voice makes it, you, your website, your Youtube account a member with http://www.crossroadproductions.wikispaces.com . Oh yeah, to audition, say “PICK ME! PICK ME! OH PLEASE PICK ME!” and please no editing your sound. I want it to sound natural. With all due respect, Crossroadproductions
    NO SPAM! :spam:

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    I’ll try for the cop. I’m not British but I can do a British accent.

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    Seriously? You put “HUGE REWARD” on the topic just to get more attention? :roll

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    Bravo Leader

    well, I am a professional actor, and I can pull off any of those accents, but I’ll try for cop, if you still want someone… :lurk:

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    well, im hungarian 😛 (Central-East Europe)

    i can speak english quite good but my pronunciation is.. hmm.. hungarian 😛
    if sombody needs me 😛

    (BTW: In the Iron Man you can hear a terrorist speaking Hungarian!)

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    I can possibly do Bill just send me the lines at xxmrdestructionxx@gmail.com

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    I need a new mic so I can act again :(

    I’d help, but mine sounds like a two-way radio 😛


    I can’t give anyone a script until I get a volunteer for each character. Sorry, hopefully I will get volunteers soon.

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    The irony there is that it’s usually the other way around 😛

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    I’d ahppily play any character! I do have a slight speech impediment, though. But its nothing too major :) Its just hard for me to say words with “R” in them, but I can say them 😀 What people have not been taken.

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