Voices needed for Gladiator Brothers.

If I'm going to finish this movie,I'm postponing all my others so I have time to work on this one.Here are the opening spots-

Opening Section Person: (Anyone)

Julius: (Very firce and dangerous when fighting, and humorous like Captian Jack Sparrow when not fighting)

Maximor: (very calm when fighting,but fierce)

Ruler of Rome: (very stern and threatening)

Extras: (This is for the backround noises,like the crowd cheering.This will be multiple people)

And since I'm doing 90% of the work with Animation,Special FX,sound, and the whole shebang-I won't do much voice acting,but maybe a blacksmith selling swords or something.
TitanPictures is making me a 3D Colliseam, and maybe even an opening seequence. So he may have a part, :wink