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    i just started playin this again and i really suck…but does anyone wanna play a game say…Sunday night, 8 mountain time?? (10EST for those silly folk :P )

    i really dont enjoy the game much if im not playin with people i sort of know
    no frozen throne tho, im still not sure if ill pick it up, have to head over to colins sometime and see it…

    AMYWAYS, sunday 8 mountain time, whos up for it?

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    Brian of Gep


    I’ll play with you, but can’t do it this time – I’ll be out of town for two weeks starting in about fourteen hours…

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    Hmm, that should be about 4 PM my time…sure, if I remember. :wink Coincidentally, my friend finally got his copy and we’re gonna play tomorrow (Saturday) night. I just have to reinstall it now (I reformatted my drive a month ago, and haven’t gotten around to playing W3 on hard mode…yet).


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    I suck at online play. Hardly creep a bit before I get hit by a level 7 hero of the opposite team with a bunch of baddies. I preordered Frozen Throne and the new heroes are amazing. I think I’ll stick to being beat by a computer.

    Thanks for the offer though :P


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    cometgreen- can play tonight to with you guys….what are your names?? ill add you to my friends list, you do the same i am: Anonymosity

    legogod- i really suck, u should play with us anyways, and the key is to get your hero almost instantly and start creeping the really small ones (have your barracks rally point go to your hero so he gets an army as he creeps)

    once again, WCIII name= Anonymosity, if you see me online sk me to lpay, ill be up to it most likely

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    I got Warcraft III, although, that last time I have played it was last year. It’s been a while since I have played any computer game.

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    I’ll vouch for his sucking

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    not like your much better brian :P

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    i was still about 7 and 2 against you, so shut up :)

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