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June 24, 2003 at 9:48 pm #6373
Avatar of Shootin Bricks
Shootin Bricks

Today marks the first week since the Community Project was announced.
I spent some time cleaning up some of the CONCEPT threads so that you can look at the number of replies to each one to see how many people have signed on.
Proteus Xero- I deleted your reply to the Time Travel Concept because it was unclear if you were offering to help and your post was somewhat off topic. Please reply again if it is your intention to help with the project.

So far I would call the communities reaction to the CP ‘lukewarm’. I was hoping for more enthusiasm, but I also understand how reluctant some people might be. I believe that a lot of people are involved in their own projects and contest entries. Maybe once they clear the board on current projects, more people will come here looking to get into something new…

I was also hoping for more concepts. I understand the reluctance to share ideas you may want to use yourself someday, but it costs nothing to at least float some ideas you may not be able to do alone.
That said, I have to say how impressed with some of the concepts we have so far. They really show imagination and promise and I don’t see a bad one in the bunch.

It appears that the Time Travel Concept (Action/Comedy) has gotten the most attention. I like this one too, but I’m waiting to see what other concepts we get before I sign on. Buxton and Wandrer have expressed interest in two of my concepts- a good start, we’ll see if we get any more for either one.
Keep those Concepts coming! We’d like to have a few lined up for possible greenlighting some time after July 1st- that’s around next weeks update.

Thanks again everyone!

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