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    I listen to the trailer for Pirate of the Carribean trailer.



    Hmm in my short experience I never had this problem. But then again, you guys all film like its a movie where as I film like its for a TV show. I dont think we re-shot any scenes in our movies yet, instead, just cut them or added alot of editing. But then again, we were on a deadline for all of them.

    I have a small suggestion, it works for me with things other than Brickfilming. Listen to music. Something really clear and upbeat. It makes things seem to go faster. And as long as you don’t concentrate too hard on the music instead of filming, by the end of a CD you will be like “Whoa, I just filmed 50 minutes(or so) nonstop.” Music helps you find a rythm making the work go faster. I usually listen to “Reel Big Fish” when I am mowing the lawn, seems to make it go a bit easier 🙂



    Hmmmm……..my motivation is imagining that Double O Zero would come to life and kick my butt with all of his fancy weaponry if I did not finish his film, Operation Rubber Ducky. 😮 Same goes for Unkersnuff, his sidekick. He also goes by Oinkersniff or agent Double O Minus One.



    My motivation is….. if i don’t make it people can’t see it. and i want people to see my movies so thats what keeps me intrested.



    I must agree… nothing beats a deadline when it comes to working on a film.

    Personally, I’ve made almost every film to date with the clock ticking behind me. First, there was the Barber, on which we started two weeks before the deadline of the Classical Movie Contest, then I had less than a month to finish Great Inventors. And even Animation Class was made in a hurry, because Christmas was getting closer and ACCIB needed to be ready by then.




    When I was first writing my childrens book what I did to ensure I would finish it was I emailed a chapter every time I wrote a new one. That way I had to keep writing so I wouldn’t dissapoint my audience.



    Drug !

    No seriously, I think the best way to stay motivated is to impose yourself a deadline. Exemple : summer, Xmas, a competition, BrickShelf,…
    A quite handy way is also to write down a very precise scenario / storyboard. This way, you’ll be able to measure the progress of your movie, and you’ll walk in a clear way.

Viewing 7 posts - 11 through 17 (of 17 total)

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