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    Anna C.

    There’s quite a lot to choose from… can you suggest a good one that is not so expensive? :-) Thanks!

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    Cody Sorenson

    Their is a microphone that goes with the game “Rock Band”, but you can plug it into your computer as USB and use it. It is ForrestFire101’s old mic. it’s only about $2.00. The mic I use is The Blue Snowball. It is about $70.00.

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    I use a little Sony voice recorder for capturing character voices. It’s nothing fancy but has two microphones for good stereo capture. It is very portable and saves all of the recordings as MP3s. As long as I don’t have any background noise, it’s worked fairly well so far. You can hear the results in a couple of videos I have on YouTube:

    Zebo the robot: http://youtu.be/HOm4nPiC-XI
    Superheroes (clip): http://youtu.be/T2wcBWxUtj4

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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