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    “Nosniborus” wrote: Brickfilming takes a lot of work.


    Hard work, patience and time.

    You want people to eventually forget they’re watching a stop motion film.

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    “elderwanda” wrote: I have no idea how old the average brickfilmer is (nowhere near as old as me, I’m sure)

    Neither do I. We should put a poll up because the demographics of this place has changed.

    If it makes you feel better, I’m probably older than you. 🙂

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    For people who have been brickfilming awhile, this is obvious (and unheard of):
    Nobody wants to see your bed in the background. If its an outdoor scene, create some sort of background. Paper, bricks, tilted up base plates, even computer generated backgrounds make all the difference.

    By having background, it takes the viewer into the “brickfilm world” where they can imagine that set-ups are “real” and they appriciate the brickfilm more. If you have nromal things like furniture in the background, it takes you out of that sort of state of mind, making whatever animation going on seem that much less realistic.

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    Topic: Originality

    Try something off-the-wall. Try something unique. Try to avoid the following:

    1) Anything taking place solely or partially in a white expanse.
    2) Anything with a comedy duo.
    3) An over-dramatic film or music video with ‘serious’ acting.

    I’m not saying those things can’t work (they’ve been done splendidly in the past), just that they’re overdone.

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    “Shale” wrote: 1) Anything taking place solely or partially in a white expanse.

    Okay then!

    *rushes off to make a black expanse film*

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    Story is the most important thing. I think amateur is mostly about playing around with directing, writing, and editing. Of course, fun effects and a little humor always improve films.

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    I think story is a good part of it, but what makes me want to watch a brickfilm for more than 10 seconds is one with good animation, and at least decent camera quality, where you could at least clearly see the decals of the minifigures.

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    I always add furniture that not only is realistic, but says something about hte character.

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    I’d say a good plotline, interesting sets, and a stable camera base. :wink

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    Movies should be entertaining. 😀


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