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    You’re a ForrestFire101 fanboy, aren’t you?



    yeah. its forrestfire101 all the way man, besides the rather large amount of swearing in his vids :freak:




    The key to movie making is originality. If your just going to take someone’s (George Lucas’) idea and ‘profit’ from that, then something’s wrong. It may be harder, but I prefer to stick to the honest side of my own creations, rather than stray over to the dark side. And 550+ subscribers can’t be wrong.



    but he has over 3000 subscribers. And his ideas not characters and settings are original. you cant really find anyone else like him. >owned< 😐



    Yes, I know he’s got a silly amount of subscribers, but that’s just because he’s taking an already famous idea. I don’t like him in the slightest and a don’t believe that he deserves a tenth of the subscribers that he has.

    But to put it in the words of Green Day, I guess that nice guys finish last.



    what song is that from? I know thats a little off topic though. I like brainstew.



    The song is called Nice Guys Finish Last.



    Vision. The ability to look at your project and really see it’s potential. With the right tools and enough patience and tenacity, you can make something really special.



    Originality is definitely a key. Faithless is probably one of the best brickfilms ever made, and look at it’s story. Never seen it before. The incredible special effects were a bonus too.



    One very important thing needed to make a good brickfilm is the audience.
    Oh, so you knew that already?
    Well, there is more to it than what it seems.
    You see, the audience is what keeps your film(s) going.
    Of course, that is only if your trying to get popular or obtain something.
    And you are, aren’t you?
    Cheer up. I can help.
    Now, if you are trying to get popular or obtain something, you’re basic reason for making these films is to please your audience.
    Yup, if it is to get you popular, it is to please them.
    Now, there are many different things a person wants to see in a film.
    And there are many people with different views.
    But let us focus on the things most people like.
    1. People like funny. Make them laugh. It could be in words, in movements, or even in sounds.
    No, f*** is not a funny word. Now don’t mention it again.
    2. Action. This will glue their eyes to the screen. It could be war, car chases, fight scenes, etc. Now don’t add to much, or it will be overdone.
    3. Adventures. Another good way to keep someone glued to their seats. It could be an explorer, a spy mission, or even a knight fighting a dragon.
    Yes, dragons are allowed.
    Way to realistic, dude.
    4. Love. Ahh! The greatest feeling in the world, some people say. It can produce some of the greatest films ever! Think of Titanic. You can use love in many different ways, from marriages to break ups. Yes it is quite difficult to do, so try it when your ready.
    5. Horror! The stuff that makes you stay awake at night. It can really produce great effects on your viewers. I don’t know much about it, but ask your parents or people you know for advice.

    These are some of the main things great films have. Yet, these all depend on who your going to show to. If it a large group of people, any can do, but if it is one or a few people, find out what type of films they like.

    You can even combine these different ways of film together.

    Have fun animating!

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