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    Or good props. It makes people appreciate your dedication to the art more. 🙂




    When producting and putting together a brickfilm’s story, you always want to have interesting characters, and not just knock-offs or parodies of famous characters (e.g. SuperMan to WonderDude). you want your story to be doused with originality. Let’s say, for example you’re making a brickfilm about a child playing in the front yard. What will happen on the street? A car with XXXXXXXXXL-sized rims comes along, maybe a teenage couple holding hands? These are what make stories interesting and believable: CHARACTERS. :eyebrow:


    Twisted Films

    I think a good brickfilm has a good story and realistic, sympathethetic characters. That is what a good movie is made of, and thats also why there are hardly any goood movies anymore.



    Hey great topic lads and lassies. I am 43 and have still to make a film. I am glad for any help. Still getting my bricks and figures. Will be filming soon now i know what to look for. Any pointers for noobs on the actual bricks i should be collecting. I have talked to my younger family members they are bringing me bits and pieces. I must say they are all up for me making brick films. There seems to be a big following nowadays.



    A strong, clear story line.
    I’ve seen so many films that are just too random. Most people might just be bored and make a 5 fps video of guys running around and cars driving in an awkward way. I find that really annoying.


    Ivana May K’moovi

    Costumes are everything. :cheer:



    -A good story

    -Good sound, without noise

    -More than one voice actorr


    -Cool sound effects

    -15 fps or more

    -No earthquakes because the camera was bumped

    -Cool special fx

    -Movie length of between 2 and 5 minutes

    -Good lighting

    -Not too bright colours

    -Good image quality

    -Smooth animation with ease in and ease out



    “Legofan99” wrote: -A good story

    -Good sound, without noise

    -Not only one voice actor


    -Cool sound effects

    -15 fps or more

    -Smooth animation (Not choppy animations with 1 frame for each action)

    -Cool special fx

    -At least 1 minute of action


    -Sectured sets and cameras (but if you like earthquakes, go crazy)

    -Not too bright colours

    -Cool design

    -Great image quality

    That is just splendid advice, seriously



    well, a brickfilm has to be smoothly done, with a plot, and for improvement, add sound of special effects. the special effects con be done with programs such as paint, and the edited photocan be used in a stopmotion creator such as windows movie maker.


    The War Film Guru

    I do agree with all those.

    A tip: give your set personality! before you film, make sure your set includes minor touches that increase realism (e.g: for a house interior, have a broom, for a town or village, have random stuff like mugs and tools floating around)

    These finishing touches may seem small, but they make a big difference in the end. :wink

Viewing 10 posts - 61 through 70 (of 79 total)

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