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    AUgust 26th



    you all have it lucky my school starts August 14



    “tub-o-legos” wrote: Well,

    People say that students that homeschool average better grades and stuff.

    Reasons why it rocks:

    – You can eat anything you want for breakfast

    I don’t see the relation with school, I can also eat anything I want for breakfast

    “tub-o-legos” wrote:
    – You can eat breakest whenever you want period

    Ok, but I generaly prefer it in the morning anyway

    “tub-o-legos” wrote:
    – You don’t have to work as hard because there is NO scedule to keep

    If you’re in elementary school, then you still don’t know the word hard even homeschooled or not

    “tub-o-legos” wrote:
    – Your teacher is your own mom

    My mom isn’t very good in english neither in physic (but I know that elementary school is easier)

    “tub-o-legos” wrote:
    – No homework

    Good one 🙂

    “tub-o-legos” wrote:
    – You don’t get teased

    I don’t neither 🙂

    “tub-o-legos” wrote:
    – You dont get bullied

    I don’t neither

    “tub-o-legos” wrote:
    – You don’t get beat up

    ! What did your mom told you about school? It isn’t war lol 😆

    “tub-o-legos” wrote:
    – You don’t have to eat cafeteria food.

    I don’t, I live at 5 min of walk from school (but if it was further away, my mom would make me a lunch anyway)

    “tub-o-legos” wrote:
    – Quite frankly, everything about homeschooling rocks.

    You forgot a point : You don’t meet any new persons therefore you don’t make any friends (an important point of school is learning to work in group 🙂 )



    That no new friends thing… its something lol.. Every 180 days i meet new people in my classes and become friends ect.. This year (we dont change people per class, its the same people for most of the classes) I made only 2 new friends though.. Why? Because everyone at my school has lived here since elementary school, so yes, we all know eachother.. Thats the good thing though, i LIKE being with my friends. Expecially the ones Ive known for 7 years.. One of those (theres like 3 ive known for 7 years) is my best friend too…



    yeah, but you will lost most of them when you will change from elementary to high school



    Elemenaty -> Middle School – > High school

    I was in 6th grade last year, so it was a elementary to middle change :-/



    Middle school? what’s that?


    Similar to Junior High school. Middle is usually grades 6-8, where Junior High is usually 6-9



    ok so High school is 10-14?


    High School ends at 12. My High School was from grade 9-12, and I do miss it. Most of you don’t realize that you hate school now, but when its gone, you will wish it wasn’t over.

Viewing 10 posts - 21 through 30 (of 47 total)

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